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Maltese Puppies For Sale In Mumbai

Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai

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Maltese dogs are known for their long, silky coats and small size. Despite their tiny 7-pound stature, they make excellent watchdogs and cozy companions. Maltese dogs are smart and can learn tricks and agility with training. They might be a bit stubborn, but they respond well to rewards. Their adaptable personality makes them great for people of all ages. The Maltese is a toy breed with luxurious white coats and playful personalities. They originated in Malta and have been loyal companions for centuries. Maltese dogs typically have a long life expectancy of 12-15 years. If you are looking for Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai, choose Doggywala.

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Maltese for sale in Mumbai: Appearance

The Maltese dog features a lengthy, silky, snow-white coat. Their long, silky coat is pure white and can sweep the ground or hang close, giving them an ornamental appearance. Underneath their snowy white fur, Maltese dogs have a compact body. Maltese for sale in Mumbai have drooping ears and a tail with a graceful curve over its back.

Its height typically ranges from 7 to 9 inches (17.8 to 22.8 cm), and it can weigh between 6 to 8 pounds (2.7 to 3.6 kg). However, there is some variation, as certain dogs, both male and female, are intentionally bred to be smaller. They weigh around 4 to 5 pounds (1.8 to 2.3 kg), and occasionally, some male Maltese dogs may grow up to 10 inches (25 cm) in length.

Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai present a picture of natural elegance and balance. The Maltese have a well-proportioned head with a slightly rounded skull, low-set feathered ears, dark eyes, a black nose, and a medium-length, slightly tapered muzzle.

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Maltese Price in Mumbai

Maltese price in Mumbai generally starts from Rs. 75,000. However, this price can rise due to their breed quality and availability. If you are looking for champion line puppies for toy breeds of a specific size, the Maltese puppies' price in Mumbai can reach Rs. 1,00,000. Be aware of mixed breeds, as sometimes, they can be sold at lesser prices. These come with mixed genes of Indian Pomeranians. Therefore, choose an ethical breeder for the Accurate Price of Maltese in Mumbai.

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Maltese: Nature and Temperament

The Maltese in Mumbai is a gentle, affectionate, and smart dog. They like to play and can learn tricks, but they might snap at loud kids. Despite being small, they can be bold with bigger dogs and tend to be cautious around strangers. They make great lap dogs after getting some exercise, and they're fairly easy to train. Yet, housetraining them might take a bit more time and patience. They are also known for being choosy about their food and may need more than just a regular can of dog food. They're playful and loving, suitable for older children and the elderly. They're watchful and may bark a lot, but aren't good for protection. Remember, individual Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai can be different from the breed's general traits.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Maltese puppies in Mumbai you love to pet. Connect - 9823214651

Maltese: History & Origin

The A Maltese for sale near me, as the name suggests, comes from Malta, an archipelago near Sicily. Although its exact origins are not clear, the Greeks and Romans who lived in the region in ancient times highly admired this small white dog. They are often seen as a symbol of status.

Known as the "Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta '' in breeding circles, the Maltese has enjoyed a luxurious life for thousands of years. The Military Dog even appeared in ceramics from the Golden Age. Aristotle himself described the Maltese as "perfect in its small size." However, during the Dark Ages in Europe, the breed faced the risk of extinction as breeders crossed them with toy Chinese dog breeds like the Shih Tzu and Pekingese.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the Maltese breed in 1888, and it has since become increasingly popular among American families and dog show enthusiasts. It made its debut at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1877. Contact Maltese puppies for sale near me from a reliable pet shop for Maltese puppies in Mumbai, like Doggywala.

Maltese: Taking Care of Your Pooch

Maltese dogs need to play and exercise daily and enjoy a lot of attention. They should be trained and socialized for good behavior, and they require regular grooming. Here is a care guide for your Maltese in Mumbai:

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Maltese puppies for sale near me have a moderate energy level. They need around 30 minutes to an hour of daily exercise. Ideal exercises for them are walks, hikes, fetch, and play. Puzzle toys and activities like agility can keep them mentally stimulated. Due to their small size, they don't need a lot of space for a good workout. Due to their lack of an insulating undercoat, Maltese dogs are sensitive to extreme temperatures. It's essential to keep outdoor exercise brief in cold weather and provide a coat or sweater for warmth.

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Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai


Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai are known as "Cuddle Dogs." Maltese are easy to manage and are good for first-time pet owners. When it comes to training, you should know a few things. Maltese dogs hate being alone; it makes them anxious. They'll whine and chew things if left by themselves. Also, they might not get along with small kids or other dogs if not trained. Over-pampering can lead to them protecting their owners by biting perceived threats. Therefore, training is important. Here are some Training Methods for Maltese

Positive Reinforcements

Reward good behavior with treats and praise; Maltese are eager to please.

Clicker Training

Use a clicker to reward your dog during training sessions.

Corrective Reinforcements

Correct undesirable behavior using a lead, collar, or special accessories.

Focus on socialization and obedience training for your Maltese dog in Mumbai. They are overly enthusiastic with strangers and may not be good with kids or other dogs. Here are some Do's and Don'ts in Maltese Training.

Do's Don't's
Use a firm yet gentle voice. Don't overdo rewards.
Socialize your pet with other dogs. Don't make them work in the cold.
Motivate and appreciate your dog. Never leave them alone for long.

A well-trained Maltese not only provides delightful companionship but also ensures a harmonious home life.

Maltese: Grooming and Bathing

Maltese dogs for sale in Mumbai are known for their beautiful, long white fur. Keeping their coat in top condition may be a bit tricky, but these tips can help.

Daily Brushing

Maltese fur can tangle easily, so brush it every day. Use a pin brush or a comb with both wide and narrow teeth to avoid damaging the coat.

Gentle Bathing

Bathe your Maltese every 2-3 weeks with dog-specific shampoo for white coats to keep it shiny.

Trimming and Styling

Regularly trim around the eyes, ears, and paws, and consider professional grooming every 4-6 weeks.

Eye Care

Clean around the eyes daily with a damp cloth to prevent tear stains.

Dental Hygiene

Brush your Maltese's teeth daily with dog-friendly toothpaste or offer dental treats.

Nail Maintenance

Trim their nails every 3-4 weeks, being careful not to cut too far.

Skin Care

Check your Maltese's skin during grooming for redness, swelling, or parasites, and consult your vet if you notice any issues.

Important Note: Use detangling spray and a comb. For tough knots, consult a professional groomer. Make grooming a positive experience with treats and short, gradual sessions. They may have sensitive skin. Try hypoallergenic products or consult your vet. Regular bathing with white coat shampoo and a good diet helps.

Maltese: Health Concerns

A Maltese dog for sale in Mumbai is generally healthy, but it's essential to be watchful for certain health issues:

Patellar Luxation:

This condition, akin to a trick knee in humans, can affect dogs. Your veterinarian can check your dog's joint stability to check for this problem.

Heart Anomalies:

The root of this issue can be patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), which can be detected through a heart examination.

Congenital Liver Problems:

These can include microvascular dysplasia (MVD) and liver shunts. A liver shunt is a condition where blood bypasses the liver, failing to filter waste. MVD, on the other hand, impairs liver function at a cellular level.

Always rely on your veterinarian's expertise to ensure your Maltese's well-being and address any health concerns promptly. Also, consult your veterinarian for a comprehensive vaccination schedule tailored to your dog's needs. In general, all dogs require a core set of vaccinations, which includes protection against:

    1. Canine parvovirus 2. Distemper 3. Adenovirus 4. Parainfluenza virus 5. Rabies

These vaccinations can typically begin at six weeks of age. Additionally, there are non-core vaccinations that may be recommended, depending on your location and your dog's specific circumstances. Discuss these with your veterinarian.

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Flea and Tick Medications:

Select the appropriate dosage of flea and tick medications based on your dog's weight. These medications are available in both oral and skin-based forms from your veterinarian or other authorized distributors. Use these products as needed to keep your dog free from these pesky parasites.

Heartworm Prevention:

It is advisable to provide year-round preventative heartworm medication for your Maltese dog in Mumbai.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Maltese puppies in Mumbai you love to pet. Connect - 9823214651

Maltese: Nutrition and Feeding

When it comes to ensuring your Maltese's optimal health, here's what their diet should consist of:

Protein from Quality Meat Sources

Choose a diet rich in high-quality animal-based proteins like beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, eggs, and fish. Protein is essential for:

  • Providing consistent energy
  • Building and repairing muscles
  • Forming skin, hair, nails, and tissues
  • Maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Producing hormones, enzymes, and antibodies

Essential Fatty Acids and Omegas

Balanced fats are vital for your dog's health. It provides energy and supports various bodily functions. Saturated fats from animal sources enhance food taste. It also helps the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, are important for your Maltese's development, coat, skin, eyes, nervous system, hormone regulation, brain function, and inflammation reduction.

Small Amounts of Carbohydrates

While not essential, some carbohydrates from plant-based sources, like vegetables and certain fruits, serve important roles. They provide fiber, prebiotics (food for beneficial bacteria), and antioxidants that may be lacking in meat alone. A balanced diet can include some vegetation for optimal health.

Natural Vitamins and Minerals

A raw food diet for your Maltese in Mumbai should mimic their wild ancestors' diet. Incorporate meat, bone, offal (organ meat), and a small amount of plant ingredients for a well-rounded meal. Ground bone and recreational bones add nutrients for digestion, skin, bone health, and mobility. Offal acts as a natural multivitamin due to its nutrient density, while vegetables and fruits offer diverse phytonutrients and compounds that support overall health.

Hydration - High Moisture Foods and Drinking Water

Water is essential for your dog's overall well-being. Proper hydration is important for regulating body temperature, maintaining organ function, aiding digestion, detoxifying the body, preventing dehydration, lubricating joints, and cushioning joints for ease of movement. A raw diet generally contains about 70% moisture.

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Dog Kennel for Malteses in Mumbai

In Mumbai, if you need a reliable place to take care of your Maltese, choose Doggywala. We love to help pet parents like you, whether you need a short stay or an extended one for your pooch. At our Dog Kennel for Maltese in Mumbai, our accommodations are not only comfy but also neat and clean. Our team of experts knows their way around dogs, and we specialize in top-notch medical care.

Our facility includes spacious play areas. We serve high-quality dog food. You Maltese will have access to clean drinking water. We have 24/7 security protocols for the protection of our four-legged guests. Our caregivers will passionately take care of your dog's well-being. We charge pocket-friendly rates to fit your budget.

Maltese price in Mumbai
Maltese puppies price in Mumbai

Petshop for Maltese Puppies in Mumbai

Looking for Maltese puppies for sale in Mumbai? Doggywala is the ultimate destination to look for purebred puppies! We are proud ethical breeders and we're all about standard breeding practices to ensure pure genes. Each mother dog is treated with absolute care, and we offer the best care and nutrition. Our Maltese price in Mumbai will make you smile from ear to ear!

If you are concerned about initial health check-ups and vaccinations, don't be! Our puppies are vaccinated to ensure a smooth transition into your loving home. We uphold transparency, and we'll share all the details with you - from health screenings to gene records and everything in between. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our online pet shop for Maltese puppies in Mumbai!


Where do I find Maltese in Mumbai?

If you are planning to bring your home a cute Maltese in Mumbai, Doggywala is here to help. From little puppies to well-trained, champion-bloodline dogs- our Maltese category has it all. Just check out our website and get directly in touch with the breeder.

Which is the best pet shop for Maltese in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the pet shop for Maltese puppies in Mumbai. First of all, we follow ethical breeding practices. Secondly, we only feature pure bloodlines. Third, we ensure top-notch health and complete vaccinations. Fourth, transparency is the key at our store in terms of pricing, health conditions, and bloodline details. Lastly, we charge a reasonable Maltese price in Mumbai that justifies that breed's quality.

What is the price of a Maltese in Mumbai?

Maltese puppys price in Mumbai ranges between Rs. 70,000 to 1,00,000. The price influencing factors are their coat colors, bloodlines, and their eye color. It also depends on local demand and availability.

Where do I find the best dog kennel for Maltese in Mumbai?

Doggywala offers top-notch dog kennel services for your Maltese in Mumbai. We have different dog boarding systems- extended and hourly-based. If you need a separate refuge for medical attention- we are here to help. Contact us now to get the pricing details.

What is the Maltese dog associated with in terms of its origins?

The Maltese dog is associated with both an ancient variety of dwarf canine from Italy and with the island of Malta. The modern Maltese dog breed is genetically related to the Bichon, Bolognese, and Havanese breeds.

What is the origin of the word "Melita" in relation to the Maltese dog?

The word "Melita" in this context refers to the island of Malta.

How did famous figures like Aristotle and Martial relate to the Maltese dog?

Aristotle mentioned the Maltese dog as "perfect in its small size," and Martial wrote about a lap dog named "Issa," which might have been a Maltese.

What role did the Maltese dog play in ancient cultures like the Romans?

Romans called them "catuli melitaei," and poets like Martial wrote about them. They were often companions of the elite.

Where is an ideal place to keep a Maltese dog, in terms of living arrangements?

Maltese dogs are well-suited for both apartments and houses. Maltese dogs are petite and energetic, making them capable of enjoying smaller living spaces.

Are Maltese dogs known to be vocal?

Yes, Maltese dogs can be vocal because they have a protective nature and may react to noises. Their loyalty to their owner contributes to this behavior.

How do Maltese dogs handle different climates and environments?

Maltese dogs can adapt to various climates and living environments, whether urban or rural. In colder climates, they may need a sweater and might spend more time indoors during winter.

Who are the ideal human companions for Maltese dogs?

Maltese dogs make great companions for families, as well as seniors seeking a snuggle buddy. They require a lot of affection and may not do well when left alone for extended periods. People who work from home or are retired are well-suited to the needs of Maltese due to their affectionate nature and preference for companionship.

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