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Happiness comes in four legs, has a furry body and a joyfully wagging tail!

Dogs are one of the most preferred animals when it comes to having pets. According to statistics, the population of pet dogs in India was recorded as high as 19.5 million in 2018! Moreover, this population is expected to increase to a whopping 31 million (and more) by the end of 2023!

This clearly indicates that India loves having furry friends as pets. Who wouldn’t want an adorable friend that is a constant companion, acts as a personal therapist, protects you from danger and is loyal without any conditions?

If you are a fellow dog lover thinking about bringing the most beautiful puppy home, this is just the place for you!

Doggywala is a platform for dog lovers where you can find a variety of puppies for sale in Pune. On our website, you will find all major dog breeds and variants of dog puppies for sale. Forget making different Google searches for every different dog breed as we provide you with a centralized platform with all possible options!

All you need to do is get in touch with us and start preparing a grand welcome for your new guest!

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If you are still Confused about buying puppies online, we are always here to help you! Just get in touch with us today and our team will help you to understand our breeding services and our role as dog breeders.

What we offer for you Puppies available for sale in pune

beagle puppy for sale in pune


If you are looking for a friendly and playful puppy that gel well with your family, you can look for the Beagle puppies for sale in Pune on our website.

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doberman puppy for sale in pune


We have the most adorable Doberman puppies for sale in Pune. You can take them home if you are willing to pet a dog that is equal parts playful, sweet and protective.

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german shepherd puppy for sale in pune

German Shepherd

Everybody loves a German Shepherd! On purchasing our German Shepherd puppies for sale in Pune, you get a beautiful beast that is athletic, playful, sweet and extremely loyal to its parent.

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golden retriever puppy for sale in pune

Golden Retriever

If you are willing to be swayed over by beautiful fluff and “puppy dog eyes”, have a look and choose from our kennel Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Pune.

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labrador retriever puppy for sale in pune

Labrador retriever

This is for the “Mr. Peanutbutter” fans. Even if you don’t get the reference, our Labrador puppies for sale in pune are bound to charm you with their playful habits, intelligent nature and unmatched loyalty

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pomeranian puppy for sale in pune


If you are interested in getting a cute ball of fur for a dog, you can check out our Pomeranian puppies for sale in pune. These toy dogs make great pets owing to their no-nonsense attitude and compact size.

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rottweiler puppy for sale in pune


The Rottweiler puppies for sale, offered by the sellers and breeders listed with us are an ideal combination of strength and sweetness. They sport a muscular build with a playful attitude.

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siberian husky puppy for sale in pune

Siberian Husky

Check out our Siberian Husky puppies for sale to bring home these beautiful creatures. You are bound to get all the attention wherever you go with these elegant and good-looking pseudo-wolves!

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Doggywala We Take Care

Our primary purpose is to provide you with the best puppy options and help you make a satisfactory purchase. Our sellers and breeders are located at all major locations of the country, making your purchases more convenient. Here are some of the key services you can avail if you are looking forward to add a new member to your family:

Doggywala Dog Breeding Services

We have an extensive list of reliable dog breeders from across the country. These breeders are nothing like the stigma associated with unethical breeding carried out purely for monetary purposes.

Our breeders are responsible and ethical in their activities. Apart from availing breeding services, you can also purchase puppies from the dog breeders listed with us. They treat the puppies like their own and share your love for dogs.

dog breeder in pune dog puppy for sale in pune
ethical dog breeders in pune reputed dog breeder in pune

Doggywala Have These Considerations Before Availing Our Services

Raising puppies is certainly a wholesome and rewarding experience, but it does come with its own set of challenges. Before you go ahead and finalise the puppy you want to purchase, you need to keep a few important factors in mind. These aspects will help you prepare for the responsibilities that come along with becoming a dog parent.

Doggywala Consider additional expenses

Although we will ensure that you get the puppies at the best dog puppy price, your pet might require additional expenses throughout their life.

It is important to consider all these expenses you are likely to bear depending on the breed you want to purchase. The expenses involve vet charges, grooming expenses, training expenses, food expenses and many other costs for maintaining the pet.

If you are not willing to spend too much on these costs, go for puppies that are low maintenance.

Doggywala Be ready to devote sufficient time

As mentioned earlier, puppies are very similar to children. They require you to spend a considerable amount of time with them, especially when they are young.

While some of the dogs might get clueless without your attention, the others can pose serious danger if kept unchecked for a long time. On a regular basis, they would require your time for grooming, exercising (walking) and training.

They also require special attention for regular visits to the vet and for looking after their health issues. You can always get an external help to take care of your pet on your behalf, but it would ultimately affect the bond you form with them.

dog for sale in pune

Doggywala All dogs are not for first-time pet parents

Although being a pet parent is a wonderful and fulfilling experience, not all dogs are ideal for first-time pet parents. Dogs like German Shepherd and Rottweiler require some experience of owning a pet before.

However, if you are still willing to own these dogs, it is advisable to foster these dogs first. This will give you a better idea about their mannerisms and way of living. Ultimately, it is an ideal option for both you and your pet.

Doggywala Deal with the shedding!

One of the most prominent challenges faced by dog parents is that of shedding. Almost every dog breed (unless bred selectively) sheds their coat on a seasonal as well as on a regular basis.

If you are planning to approach us for puppies, we and our sellers would ask you to prepare finding dog hair around in your house! Although there are a number of ways to deal with this issue, shedding is inevitable.

Now, we believe you are through with the services we provide, the perks that come with being a dog parent and the challenges you are likely to face.

All you need to do is start scanning through our list of puppies for sale and contact us with the details for the furry buddy you want to take home. We are pretty sure you already have a dog in mind!

Doggywala How Do We Help You?

Doggywala offers you an extensive list of pet shops, individual sellers and dog breeders having puppies on sale. You can go through each of these options and select the seller and the dog that suits you best. This is where your efforts end and our efforts begin! Once you have made your choice, you need to provide us with all necessary details regarding the puppy you want to purchase. We will act as a single point of contact between you and the seller.

We will get in touch with the seller on your behalf and make all necessary negotiations and arrangements for getting your puppy home.

You need not worry about the price you pay for the puppies. We value your hard-earned money and will give you the best dog puppy price for any puppy you are willing to purchase. You can rest assured that we are dog lovers just like you and wouldn’t charge anything more than what is required!

labrador retriever breeder in pune

The sellers and dog breeders associated with us are 100% authentic and reliable. We ensure that the puppies you bring home are healthy and happy. Apart from making arrangements for your purchase, we will also provide you with all necessary assistance whether you are a first-time dog parent or not.

We are all ears to all your questions! You can contact us in case of any queries and we will do our best to provide satisfactory answers.

online dog puppy for sale in pune

Doggywala Why Should You Take The Puppies Home?

  • You will never be alone again!

Living all by yourself often gets boring and joyless after some time. Dogs make wonderful companions, adding beautiful colors to your an otherwise monotonous routine.

Dogs always have something up their sleeves to impress you. Majority of them are naturally funny. Breeds like Golden Retriever and Pug can crack you up even if you keep observing them for a while!

  • They act as loyal guardians

Dogs aren’t called a man’s best friends for nothing! They possess unmatched loyalty for their owners, making them utmost protective of them.

Almost every dog breed is so protective of their owners that they would risk their lives to save you! It is therefore said that dogs are the only creatures that value your life more than they value theirs.

Especially with a dog like German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Doberman at your place, you can feel safe and secure.

  • Save your therapy money!

If you have been feeling low and times have been tough, a puppy will always try its best to cheer you up.

Dogs have a natural urge to impress their owners. They live to see you happy and would indulge into cute and funny activities to put a smile on your face.

Imagine having a horrible at work where nothing had gone right, and coming home to an ever-smiling ball of fur waiting to cuddle with you!

Just spending some time with your snuggle-buddies and talking to them would make your worries go away!

  • Ideal Exercising Buddies

If you are a couch potato finding motivation to flex your muscles, your pet dog will make sure you do so. Most dog breeds require daily physical activities. The least you will need to do is take them for a couple of walks in a day.

Dogs like Golden Retriever, Rottweiler and German Shepherd are extremely energetic and love indulging in physical activities. This would naturally make you exercise with them and take them along with a good jog, hike or a run!

  • Playful partners for kids

Dogs (especially puppies) are similar to children in more ways than one! They are both beaming bundles of energy with an innocent charm about them. Having a dog around in the house can be the best gift you could give your kids.

If you worry about not being able to give enough time to your children, having a pet dog will take up a large portion of their attention.

Especially with dogs like Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Shih Tzus and Beagles, you can leave your kids and pets alone for hours without having to worry about either of the two!

  • Inseparable members of the family!

We assure all our clients that the puppies they take home are bound to be an inseparable part of their family. Having a puppy is highly comparable to raising a newborn child.

They would slowly get to know your family, bond with the members and gradually become a key part of it.

All these perks are just a few clicks away! Contact us now and start browsing our list of dog puppies for sale!

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