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golden retriever puppy for sale in Chennai

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers in Chennai are a common breed due to their friendly and smart character. They are intelligent, friendly and have a lot of body hair which makes them look like a golden ball of fur. Although they have heavy body hairs, Golden Retrievers can adapt well in the city of Chennai when taken good care of by their owners. Doggywala has Golden Retriever for sale in Chennai.

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labrador retriever puppy for sale in Chennai

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are widely beloved in Chennai for their friendly temperament and adaptability. Their shorter coats fare better than Golden Retrievers in the city's heat. Labs are known for their intelligence and sense of loyalty towards their caregiver. Labs' intelligence and ease of training make them popular choices for both families and first-time dog owners in Chennai. Talk to our team about the Labrador retriever price in Chennai.

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beagle puppy for sale in Chennai


Since Beagles are small in size and friendly, they have been lately in high demand in Chennai. If you’re looking for this breed, we have Beagle puppies for sale in Chennai. Their short coats are not very demanding concerning the climate in the city. Beagles are highly energetic and their excellent scenting ability needs exercising and must be mentally stimulated frequently. Beagles are widely available in the most reputable beagle dog breeders in Chennai and make a very good addition to the family. Talk to us to know the Beagle price.

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doberman puppy for sale in Chennai


Dobermans are a good choice in Chennai because of their intelligence and their natural ability to guard their owners. Their short coats do not need much attention and therefore are suitable for the urban environment of Chennai. Dobermans in Chennai require attention to early socialisation and training, as they possess a loyal and alert temper. These athletic dogs require regular exercise, and therefore, such breeds are preferred by many families in the suburban areas of Chennai. Buy them from a pet shop for Doberman in Chennai.

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german shepherd puppy for sale in Chennai

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are loved by people in Chennai due to their intelligence and loyalty. They are not very sensitive to the climate but require protection from the sun. Their shedding can easily be managed during warm weather when these dogs are groomed often. GSDs are active dogs and need to have a good run and their brains exercised as well. Training is required given the size and strength that they possess. Talk to our team and buy German Shepherd in Chennai.

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rottweiler puppy for sale in Chennai


People like Rottweiler dog breeds due to their power and guard dog attributes. They have short and thick fur that needs to be groomed frequently to remove the loose hair. Rottweilers require proper training and socialization to make them behave in the right manner and retain their loyal temper. These huge animals require space and should go out for a run now and then, hence, ideal for the suburban houses in Chennai which have yards. Talk to our team to know more about Rottweilers.

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Boxer puppy for sale in Chennai


Boxers are appreciated for their brawny and jovial personalities. Their short coats can be easily dealt with, especially in the hot climate of the city. Owners should take the pets out during cooler periods of the day and make sure that the pets are well hydrated. Boxers are loyal and protective, so they are good family and guard dogs in Chennai. Visit our dog kennel for boxers in Chennai and bring this breed to your home.

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pomeranian puppy for sale in Chennai


The Pomeranians are well-loved by the people of Chennai due to their small size and fluffy fur. They are good apartment dogs but become uncomfortable in hot weather and require air conditioning. This breed requires frequent grooming to deal with its thick double layer of fur in the tropical environment. Pomeranians are lively dogs that need a lot of exercise even if they are not very large. Talk to our team and get best Pomeranian price in Chennai.

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siberian husky puppy for sale in Chennai

Siberian Husky

People in Chennai love Siberian Husky. You too can buy Siberian Husky from Doggywala. We offer the best Siberian Husky price in Chennai. These cold-weather dogs require constant air conditioning, regular grooming, and even precise scheduling of when they can exercise because of the heat stress. Huskies need large spaces and lots of exercise.

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Pug puppy for sale in Chennai


Pugs are well liked in Chennai because they are small and they show affection. They are good with apartment life and their broad faces suit hot climates. Daily bathing and controlling the amount of food Pugs take are very important. You can buy this breed from Doggywala- Pug breeder in Chennai.

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Cocker Spaniel puppy for sale in Chennai

Cocker Spaniel

Doggywala is a Cocker Spaniel dog breeder in Chennai. Cocker Spaniels are becoming popular in Chennai because they are small in size and friendly to everyone. As you might expect from dogs with such long, shiny fur, they are rather prone to getting hot in the urban environment and need grooming to keep cool. They are active dogs and therefore are suitable for apartment living but require a daily workout. They are a friendly breed and hence can be taken as pet animals in the urban area of Chennai.

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Lhasa Apso puppy for sale in Chennai

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos are preferred in Chennai due to their small size and royal look. Doggywala- KCI registered Lhasa Apso breeder in Chennai has this breed for sale. Due to the long and dense coat, these dogs are sensitive to heat and humidity and thus need regular grooming. Lhasa Apso are alert, loyal dogs and are good for small apartment life. They have shedding coats that require proper brushing during the shedding season which is a factor that allergy-sensitive families may consider in Chennai’s households.

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Maltese puppy for sale in Chennai


Maltese dogs are easy to adapt to Chennai's lifestyle because of their small body structure. Their furs are too long, and soft and can be unmanageable if not groomed daily and bathed frequently, especially in this region where the climate is humid. Maltese are affectionate companions and are ideal for apartment living but they require a fair amount of exercise. You can buy them from a Maltese dog breeder in Chennai.

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Shih Tzu puppy for sale in Chennai

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus in Chennai are very popular due to their small and friendly nature. Their long coat needs regular grooming to deal with the heat and humidity of the city. They are good apartment dwellers but require air conditioning during the hotter months. They require physical activity, despite their low-energy nature. Shih Tzus can be bought from Doggywala’s pet shops for Shih Tzu in Chennai.

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Pitbull puppy for sale in chennai


Although Pitbulls are an excellent dog breed, their adoption in Chennai should be done with a lot of caution because of legal issues and social prejudices. Pitbulls are well suited to the warm environment but require shelter from the sun and water. Intelligent and muscular, they need a lot of physical activity and workout along with proper socialization is crucial. Contact our team to buy Pitbull in Chennai.

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great dane puppy for sale in Chennai

Great Dane

Great Danes in Chennai demand a large space for living due to their large size. They are rather tolerant to the warm weather but require air conditioning and water. Exercise is important but due to the heat, people are advised to exercise indoors frequently. Their short coat is easy to maintain and suitable for the climate in Chennai. You can buy this breed from Doggywala- best Great Dane breeder in Chennai.

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Poodle puppy for sale in Chennai


Chennai's climate is suitable for Poodles because they do not shed much. Poodles are smart, energetic dogs that require both mental and physical exercise. There are three sizes of poodles, which makes them right for almost any home size. They can be bought from Doggywala- best Poodle breeder in Chennai. They should be trained and socialized.

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English Bulldog puppy for sale in Chennai

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog, often simply referred to as the Bulldog, is a distinctive breed known for its muscular build, wrinkled face, and pushed-in nose. Originating in England, the breed's history is rich with transformation, evolving from a fierce bull-baiting dog to a beloved family pet. Talk to team Doggywala as we have English Bulldog puppies for sale in Chennai.

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toy pomeranian puppy for sale in Chennai

Toy Pomeranian

Toy Pomeranians are preferred in Chennai because they are small and have a fluffy coat. They get along well with the apartment lifestyle. Toy Pomeranians require grooming to deal with their heavy body coat in such a humid environment. These are active dogs that need a daily walk even though they are medium-sized.

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