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Doberman Puppies For Sale In Mumbai

Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai
#239051 Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai
Namu & Tiku
Price - 28500
Gender - Male and Female
Location - Parel - Mumbai
Breed - Doberman
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High Bone Doberman puppies for sale in Parel Mumbai

#239052 Doberman price in Mumbai
Price - 31000
Gender - Male
Location - Bandra(W) - Mumbai
Breed - Doberman
Other Details -

Fully vaccinated Doberman puppy for sale in Bandra(W) Mumbai

#239053 Doberman puppy price in Mumbai
Stell & Bobby
Price - 26000
Gender - Female
Location - Tardeo - Mumbai
Breed - Doberman
Other Details -

KCI Registered, Champion Doberman puppies for sale in Tardeo - Mumbai

#239054 Doberman male puppy price in Mumbai
Tom, Mini, Jon
Price - 32000
Gender - Male and Female
Location - Chembur - Mumbai
Breed - Doberman
Other Details -

Health Certified Doberman puppies for sale in Chembur - Mumbai

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No doubt, the Doberman Pinscher is a friendly and family-loving dog. They like to have fun and are always up for doing things with their family, like going for a run or just relaxing on the couch together on a lazy Sunday. But, there's something more to them - they're really loyal and brave when it comes to protecting their family. That's why they make great guard dogs, and they're also used by the police and military. Even though they might look tough on the outside, they're actually very kind and caring on the inside. These dogs are considered part of the "working" group. If you are looking for a brave guard dog with whom you can also create an emotional bond of friendship for life, check out Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai at Doggywala. We have the finest range of Dobermans for sale near me with pure genes at the most reasonable pricing.

Doberman price in Mumbai

Doberman for sale near me: About the breed

The Doberman Pinscher, often just called Doberman, got its name from a man named Herr Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who was a tax collector in Germany. He wanted to create a perfect guard dog, so he mixed different types of dogs like Rottweilers and terriers to make the Doberman. The Doberman became an official breed in 1908, recognized by the American Kennel Club. A group called the Doberman Pinscher Club of America was started in Michigan in 1921 to make sure Dobermans stayed pure.

Dobermans have been used in jobs like police work, carrying messages, and guarding, and they've also been watchdogs and even guide dogs for blind people. A male Doberman for sale near me is usually around 27-28 inches tall and weighs about 70 pounds, while females are a bit smaller about 60-65 pounds. They have long heads and strong, sleek bodies. People often crop their ears to stand up straight and cut their tails short. Dobermans can have black, dark red, blue, or fawn fur with rust-colored markings on their face, body, and tail. They don't shed too much and don't need a lot of grooming. On average, they live for about 10 to 12 years.

Doberman breeder in Mumbai

Doberman Price in Mumbai

The Doberman price in Mumbai can be anywhere from Rs 16,000 to Rs 100,000. Variations in prices depend on different things. First, it depends on the pet shop for Doberman puppies in Mumbai. If they are known for taking good care of Dobermans and making sure they are healthy and friendly, they will often charge more for Doberman puppies price in Mumbai. Other factors are locations with high demand and the color of coats. Some colors, like black and rust, are common and cost less. But colors like blue or fawn are rare and can make the puppy more expensive. In fact, the type of coat the Doberman has matters too. If the coat is thick and shiny, it might cost more because it looks nice. If a Doberman comes from a family of champion dogs or has a strong family history, it will usually be more expensive. The size of the Doberman is another factor. Bigger dogs usually cost more because they need more food and space.

There are two types of Dobermans: the American Doberman and the European Doberman. These two types differ mainly in their size, muscle mass, and head shape. The American Doberman is larger and more muscular compared to the European Doberman. They feature a broader head with a more noticeable brow ridge and tend to have thicker necks. On the other hand, the European Doberman is slimmer and sleeker when compared to the American variety. They have a more refined head and smaller ear flaps, giving them a distinct appearance. European Dobermans are also known for their agility and grace. When it comes to Doberman prices in Mumbai, the cost of a European Doberman starts from Rs 25,000 while the price for an American Doberman starts from Rs 30,000.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Doberman puppies in Mumbai you love to pet. Connect - 9823214651

The personality of Doberman Pinscher: Traits, Temperament, and Characteristics

Here's a quick overview of Doberman as a pet:

Characteristics Description
Energy Level Very keen, super energetic, with tremendous strength and stamina.
Social Interaction Enjoys being with people; not suited to kennel or backyard life; needs human interaction and leadership.
Relationship with Family Loyal, tolerant, dedicated, and affectionate with the family.
Work Traits Determined, bold, and assertive while working; adaptable, highly skilled, and versatile.
Trainability Intelligent and very easy to train; excels as a watch and guard dog; does not need additional protection training.
Ownership Considerations Requires a firm, confident, and consistent owner; all family members should set and stick to rules.
Leadership Role Humans should establish natural authority; dogs should follow human rules; thorough socialization when young.
Mental Stimulation Requires mental stimulation and a lot of daily exercise for a happy and stable-minded disposition.
Consistent Training Needs consistent and thorough training for obedience.
Compatibility with Children Can be good family dogs when properly trained, exercised, and socialized with children.
Aggressiveness Not inherently aggressive; behavior depends on the owner's leadership and exercise provided; can be gentle and protective.
Variability in Dominance Dominancy levels can vary, even within the same litter; temperament depends on the owner's understanding and care.

Doberman Health: Things To Consider As A Pet Parent

Sharing your life with a dog is a significant responsibility. You need to be vigilant and compassionate. Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai depend on their owners for essential needs like food, shelter, and affection. Although a Doberman for sale near me generally has good health, they can develop specific health concerns as they age. Here are some common health conditions in Doberman Pinschers:

1. Von Willebrand Disease

Causing Factors:

A congenital bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency in Von Willebrand factor (vWF), a protein that helps blood clot.


Excessive bleeding, nosebleeds, bleeding gums.

Medical Preventions:

There's no specific prevention; treatment involves managing bleeding episodes.

2. Cardiac Diseases

Causing Factors:

High risk of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a condition that weakens the heart.


Weakness, exhaustion, coughing, frequent collapsing.

Medical Preventions:

Regular check-ups, a heart-healthy diet, and medication may help.

3. Dental Disease

Causing Factors:

Dental problems start with tartar buildup and progress to gum or root infections.


Dental pain, bad breath, gum infections.

Medical Preventions:

Regular dental care, brushing, and professional cleaning.

4. Neurological Disease

Causing Factors:

Wobbler disease, a genetic condition narrowing the neck vertebrae, leading to spinal cord and nerve compression.


Unstable gait, stumbling, hind leg weakness, collapsing.

Medical Preventions:

Surgical intervention and physical therapy may help.

5. Liver Conditions

Causing Factors:

Dobermans can develop liver disorders like copper hepatopathy.


Jaundice (yellow skin, eyes, and gums), liver damage.

Medical Preventions:

Dietary management and medication are used for treatment.

6. Eye Issues

Causing Factors:

Inherited or acquired eye conditions.


Vision problems, pain, potential blindness.

Medical Preventions:

Regular eye exams and prompt treatment are essential.

7. Kidney Diseases

Causing Factors:

Inherited Glomerulonephritis, gradually damaging the kidneys.


Protein loss, kidney damage, kidney failure.

Medical Preventions:

Dietary management, medication, and regular check-ups.

8. Thyroid Problems

Causing Factors:

Hypothyroidism, where the body can't produce enough thyroid hormone.


Hair loss, weight gain, dry skin, aggression.

Medical Preventions:

Thyroid medication and regular monitoring are necessary.

9. Skin Conditions

Causing Factors:

Various causes, including yeast and autoimmune disorders.


Itchiness, hair loss, skin crusts, greasiness.

Medical Preventions:

Identifying and treating underlying causes, and topical treatments.

10. Bloat

Causing Factors:

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) or bloat, more common in Dobermans with narrow chests.


Enlarged abdomen, restlessness, heaving.

Medical Preventions:

Immediate veterinary intervention, sometimes requiring surgery.

11. Parasites

Causing Factors:

Exposure to various parasites, including worms, fleas, and ticks.


Vary based on parasite type; may include digestive issues, skin problems, and lethargy.


Preventative medications, regular vet check-ups, and hygiene practices can help.

Remember, early detection and prompt treatment are essential in managing these health issues. Regular vet check-ups and a healthy lifestyle can maintain your Doberman's well-being.

Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai
Doberman male puppies for sale in Mumbai

Doberman Care: Nutrition, Grooming and Training

Once you bring your pup from our Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai, you need to make sure that your new pet is getting the ideal care they deserve. If you are new to this, here are some Domerman care tips for you!


Feeding your Doberman Pinscher the right way is important. You can do this by giving them commercial kibble or wet food approved by experts. Dobermans need protein-rich food that's easy to digest and keeps their muscles healthy. Include omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) in their food to keep the skin, fur, kidneys, and heart in good shape. Here are some tips on how to feed your Doberman Pinscher

Ask Your Vet About Grains

Check with your vet to see if your Doberman's diet should include grains. There's a link between grain-free diets and heart issues, which Dobermans are already prone to.

Avoid Raised Bowls

Don't use elevated food bowls because they might increase the risk of a serious stomach problem called gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) or bloat.

How Much to Feed

Just like people, the right amount of food for Dobermans can vary based on their size, metabolism, and how active they are. Dobermans for sale near me can be different sizes, so their calorie needs differ too. Different foods also have different calorie levels. For example, an average neutered adult Doberman weighing about 75 pounds might need around 3½ cups of food with 400 kcal per cup. It's important to keep your Dobermans at a healthy weight to protect their joints. Your vet can help you figure out the right feeding plan for your dog.

Nutritional Tips

Talk to your vet about adding omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA) to your Doberman's food. These natural ingredients reduce inflammation and support their skin, fur, kidneys, joints, and heart.


Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai are generally low-maintenance in terms of grooming, but some regular care is still needed. A daily once-over with a short-bristled brush or grooming mitt will maintain their shiny and healthy coat. They don't need regular baths. It's important to trim their nails about once a month and brush their teeth regularly. Cleaning their ears every few days with a bit of baby oil on a paper towel is a good practice. Your vet can instruct you on how to clean their ears properly to prevent problems and spot any potential issues early.


Dobermanns are really smart dogs and they like learning new things. So, it's a good idea to teach them stuff using rewards. If you're new to dog ownership or haven't trained a dog before, it's best to get help from a certified trainer and take your puppy to training classes. Sometimes, Dobermanns can be a bit stubborn during training, so you need to be patient and consistent. Most Important Doberman Training Tips

Stick to a Schedule

  • Dobermans are very disciplined dogs. Schedule their training sessions at the same time each day to keep them happy and cooperative.
  • Consistency is key. Breaking their routine can lead to resistance and unhappiness.

Use Positive Reinforcement

  • A Doberman for sale near me responds best to positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise, for good behavior.
  • Avoid harsh correction or physical punishment as it can create fear and aggression.

Start Early

  • Begin Doberman puppy training at around six weeks old at home.
  • Wait until they're four months old and have their shots before off-site lessons.

Understand Their Temperament

  • Dobermans are loyal, devoted, and often referred to as "Velcro dogs."
  • They easily grasp clear and consistent direction from their owners and are one-person or one-family dogs.

Additional Training Tips

  • Teach obedience commands like "Sit," "Stay," and leash walking using treats and positive reinforcement.
  • House train your Doberman for sale near me by rewarding them when they go potty outside.
  • Socialize your Doberman with new people, places, and experiences to build trust and reduce anxiety.

By following these tips, you can have a well-trained and happy Doberman companion.

Doberman male puppies for sale in Mumbai

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Doberman puppies in Mumbai you love to pet. Connect - 9823214651

Doberman: Exercise

Exercise is super important for Dobermanns. They are very active and need lots of physical activity to stay happy and healthy. They love playing games with their family. To keep them from getting bored and doing naughty things, make sure they get at least two hours of exercise every day. It's better to spread this out during the day instead of doing it all at once. Take them for a couple of walks, let them run around off the leash in a safe area, and spend time playing and training with them. There are lots of fun ways to exercise together!

Age Activity Frequency Tips
Puppy (0-6 months) Short walks, playtime 3-4 times a day Keep play sessions short and age-appropriate. Socialize with other puppies.
Adolescent (6-18 months) Longer walks, fetch 2-3 times a day Use puzzle toys to challenge their mind. Continue socialization with various dogs and people.
Adult (1-7 years) Brisk walks, jogging, obedience training Daily, at least 2 hours Incorporate obedience training into walks. Rotate activities to prevent boredom.
Senior (7+ years) Gentle walks, low-impact play Daily, 30 minutes to 1 hour Monitor for signs of arthritis or mobility issues. Focus on joint health with supplements if needed.


Dobermanns become very attached to their families and they can be protective. That's why it's important to introduce them to different people, dogs, and experiences when they're young. Don't leave your Dobermann alone for more than four hours. They can get really upset when you're not around and might even chew things in the house. We understand that it's not always possible to be with your dog all the time due to work or other things you need to do. In those cases, you could think about hiring a dog kennel for Doberman in Mumbai to take care of your dog or ask a friend to help out.

Dog Kennel for Dobermans in Mumbai

Doggywala is a dedicated provider of kennel services in Mumbai. We are dog lovers and love to be useful for those owners who need temporary accomodation for their Dobermans. We have a top-class dog accommodation facility to provide the best vet care to your pooches. Our dog kennel for Doberman in Mumbai has a team of dedicated caregivers who take care of aspects like:

  • Feeding the dog with proper nutritional foods
  • Giving timely medications for ailing dogs
  • Taking them on walks and other required exercises
  • Socializing your Doberman with other breeds
  • Taking hygiene care such as bathing and grooming

Our services are a terrific choice for those who are going on vacation and looking for a temporary refuge for their Doberman. We also serve those owners who need separate locations for the treatment of their sick dogs due to safety concerns. In fact, we offer hour-based dog boarding services. Contact us to book a spot at the most reasonable fee.

Doberman price in Mumbai
Doberman puppies price in Mumbai

Petshop for Doberman Puppies in Mumbai

Doggywala is a reputed online platform that features Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai from pure genetic lines. Our ethical breeders ensure guarantee in dog breed quality, health, and manageable temperaments. From little puppies to basic training given dogs, our Pet Center has all types of Dobermans in various age groups. We nurture our dogs with the utmost care, nutrition, and comfort. You will find the best Doberman price in Mumbai on our website. Just go through our website and explore available puppies in the Doberman category. You will get the dog's medical certifications, breeding report, and other specialized documents for quick and safe adoption. Contact now and bring a guard dog that will fill your life with love, loyalty, and compassion!

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Doberman puppies in Mumbai you love to pet. Connect - 9823214651


Where do I find Doberman in Mumbai?

Mumbai has many breeders who sell doberman puppies. You can easily find these breeders with the help of the internet or by asking around in your circle. However, there have been complaints about Dobermans being excessively aggressive and poor in health. The reason is simply because some breeders sell mix-breeds without letting the buyers know. To make sure such a thing doesn't happen to you, make sure you are choosing reputable breeders who use ethical breeding practices to ensure purebred adoption. In this case, you can blindly trust Doggywala for purebred Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai.

Which is the best pet shop for Dobermans in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the best pet shop for Doberman puppies in Mumbai. For us, we do not see dogs as a means of business but as a way to show genuine care and support in facilitating responsible adoption. For the sake of the puppy and the adopting families' well-being, we only breed pure genes and work with ethical breeding standards. Here you will get the fair pricing for each age group for Doberman.

What is the price of a Doberman in Mumbai?

Doberman prices in Mumbai range from Rs 16,000 to Rs 100,000. There are two Doberman types: American and European. American Dobermans are larger, more muscular, and have broader heads, starting at Rs 30,000. European Dobermans are slimmer, sleeker, and agile, with prices starting at Rs 25,000 in Mumbai. Doberman puppies price in Mumbai also depends on pure breeds, coat colors, and locations with high demand.

Where do I find the best dog kennel for Dobermans in Mumbai?

At Doggywala, we love dogs, and we're here to help Doberman owners when they need a safe place for their furry friends. Our place has Good food for dogs, veterinary care, top-notch accommodation, play areas, etc. So, if you're going on a trip or your dog needs isolated medical care, we can help. Our dog kennel for Doberman in Mumbai even offers short stays. Just get in touch with us for affordable rates and a safe spot for your Doberman.

What is Spaying and neutering?

Spaying and neutering are surgical operations that involve removing the ovaries and uterus in female Dobermans and the testicles in males. These surgeries have many advantages, including lowering the chances of certain cancers and stopping unplanned pregnancies.

Is American Doberman Different From European Doberman?

American and European Dobermans belong to the same breed but have notable differences. While American Doberman puppies for sale in Mumbai fall in the category of Working, European Dobermans are in the Companion category. American Dobermans are good family pets; European Dobermans excel as police or military dogs. American Dobermans are easygoing and trainable, while European Dobermans are more willful and need assertive owners. American Dobermans can be shy; European Dobermans are confident. American Dobermans adapt to apartments; European Dobermans require more space.

Are Dobermans dangerous?

Dobermans have one of the strongest bites, around 600 pounds of pressure. They're fourth on the list for being aggressive. Sometimes, because they are strong and smart, they can act aggressively toward people they don't know and, once in a while, even toward their owners. Proper training is important to handle such aggression at the very early stage of development.

Is the Doberman Pinscher good with kids?

Yes, the Doberman for sale near me is generally good with kids. They like being part of a family and staying close to them. However, it's essential to supervise them around young children and kids who aren't used to being around dogs. If you have concerns about Dobermans and kids, there are many other dog breeds suitable for families with children to consider.

Why do people crop Dobermans' ears?

Ear cropping in Dobermans originally served practical purposes. It basically helps their hearing as guard dogs. Today, it's mainly done for cosmetic reasons to align with the breed's standard appearance. Many veterinarians and animal advocates view ear cropping as inhumane. Some countries have banned the procedure, which is often performed on puppies aged 8 to 12 weeks. Healing can be painful, and many international bodies and the Doggywala team oppose this practice.

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