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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Mumbai

Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Mumbai
#239010 Golden retriever price in mumbai
Price - 41000
Gender - Male
Location - BKC-Mumbai
Breed - Golden Retriever
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Cute Light colored Golden retriever for sale in Mumbai at BKC

#239063 Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Mumbai
Price - 44000
Gender - Male
Location - Hiranandani-Powai Mumbai
Breed - Golden Retriever
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Top Quality Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Powai Hiranandani - Mumbai

#239064 Golden Retriever dog kennel in Mumbai
Price - 54000
Gender - Female
Location - Vile Parle - Mumbai
Breed - Golden Retriever
Other Details -

KCI registered Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Vile Parle - Mumbai

#239065 Golden Retriever dog breeders in Mumbai
Price - 58000
Gender - Male
Location - Vashi - Mumbai
Breed - Golden Retriever
Other Details -

Vaccinated Healthy Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Vashi - Mumbai

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Golden Retriever

With origins in the United Kingdom and Canada, Golden Retriever Puppies are the champs of the pet world. They are loyal and have a gentle nature. They easily get along with family members in different types of households. Being a member of the Sporting Group, Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Mumbai have a strong and agile physique. They have shiny, luscious coats and soulful eyes. They are highly trainable and loyal to their masters. Golden Retriever price in Mumbai starts from Rs. 15,000. If you are looking for a pet shop for Golden Retriever puppies in Mumbai, then Doggywala is your one-stop destination. We guarantee healthy puppies with pure genetic lines. With ethical breeding practices and dedicated veterinary supervision, we raise our pooches with utmost care and love. Contact our dog kennel for Golden Retriever in Mumbai and get a friend for life!

Golden Retriever price in Mumbai
Golden Retriever breeder in Mumbai

Golden Retriever Price in Mumbai

The rates listed below are an approximation. The Golden Retriever puppies price in Mumbai can be different. Factors like the reputation of the breeder, the puppy's lineage, medical screenings, vaccinations, and the level of training given often have an impact on the final price. Here's an age-wise break-down of Golden Retriever for sale near me:

Age Range Price Range (INR)
6-8 weeks old ₹15,000 - ₹30,000
8-12 weeks old ₹20,000 - ₹35,000
12-16 weeks old ₹30,000 - ₹45,000
4-6 months old ₹40,000 - ₹55,000
Above 6 months old ₹50,000 and above

Golden Retriever For Sale In Mumbai

If you have chosen a Golden Retriever to bring home as a new family member, then you must know the basic details regarding their physical features and lifespan. They have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years, they come in mainly three different coat colors: Cream or light gold (Also known as English Cream Retriever), Gold (American Golden), and Red (Canadian Golden Retriever). Their coat color often has an impact on the Golden Retriever puppies price in Mumbai. Here's a detailed view of their physical features:

Details Male Golden Retriever Female Golden Retriever
Weight Range 29 - 36 kg 23 - 25 inches (57 - 62 cm)
Height Range 25 - 32 kg 22 - 24 inches (55 - 60 cm)

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Golden Retriever Nature and Temperament

The Golden Retriever's history has its roots in the 19th-century Scottish Highlands. Lord Tweedmouth's vision was to craft the ultimate hunting companion by crossing a yellow Retriever named "Nous" with a Tweed Water Spaniel. After that, the breeders mixed in Bloodhound and Irish Setter traits, along with more Tweed Water Spaniels. This became the genetic base for Golden Retrievers. In the 1900s, these amazing dogs gained popularity in North America, winning hearts with their loyalty and charm. First called "Golden Flat Coat," they were officially recognized as Golden Retrievers by the Kennel Club (UK) in 1911. Over time, the popularity of the Golden Retriever touched the sky, and today, this is one of the most adopted dog breeds in India. Now let's know some fascinating facts about the nature and temperament of Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Mumbai:

Traits Characteristics Temperament
Affectionate Companions Eager to engage in activities Gentle and Humble
Curious Learners Family-Centric Patient has soft-mouth
Highly intelligent Unwavering loyalty Non-aggressive (and less-barking)
Natural swimmers Has protective instincts  
  Loves to cuddles  

Things To Consider While Owning A Golden Retriever

Pet parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. So, if you are thinking of finding a petshop for Golden Retriever puppies in Mumbai and paying the cost of adoption are all you need to do to get a pet, you are wrong. You need to be mindful of their diet, living comfort, medical considerations, and grooming/bathing needs to keep them healthy, happy, and active. They are nothing less than a human baby that needs proper care, love, training, and attention. To help you become an ideal pet parent of a golden retriever, we have some tips for you. This information will also help you realize whether you are ready to take up the responsibility of pet parenting.

Feeding Pattern and Dog Food

Check out this age-wise feeding pattern for Golden Retrievers:

Life Stage Age Range Dietary Guidelines
Newborn Golden Retrievers 0-2 Months - Keep with mother for vital nutrients from milk.
- Consult a vet for milk substitutes if orphaned.
- Feed every 2-3 hours to support rapid growth.
Golden Retriever Puppies 2 Months - 1 Year - Feed quality puppy food from 2 months to 1 year.
- Divide daily caloric intake into 3–4 meals.
- Choose balanced puppy food for bone and muscle growth.
Adult Golden Retrievers 1 Year and up - Switch to adult formula dog food around 1 year.
- Feed twice daily with portion control.
Senior Golden Retrievers 7-8 Years and older - Transition to senior dog food around 7-8 years.
- Go for a senior mix supporting joint health.
- Monitor weight to prevent obesity and adjust the diet accordingly.

Note: Nutritional needs vary with exercise, wellness, and metabolism. Consult a vet for optimal diet and schedule.

Ideal Food For Golden Retrievers

To take the finest care of your Golden Retriever, here are some tips for food selection:

Food Type Ideal Foods Benefits Harmful Foods Harmful Effects
Fruits Apples, Blueberries, Watermelon Provide vitamins and antioxidants. Grapes, Raisins, Citrus (peels) Kidney damage, digestive issues.
Vegetables Carrots, Sweet Potatoes Rich in fiber and beneficial nutrients. Onions, Garlic, Avocado Toxicity, digestive problems.
Protein Sources Chicken, Turkey, Fish Support muscle growth and energy. Raw Meat, Excessive Fat Bacterial contamination, obesity.
Grains Brown Rice, Oats Source of energy and fiber. White Bread, Sugary Snacks Digestive issues, weight gain.
Dairy Plain Yogurt (in moderation) Probiotics for gut health. Cheese, Milk (lactose) Upset stomach, lactose intolerance.

General Note: Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, can lead to toxicity and organ failure in dogs. Caffeine, alcohol, and sugary foods can result in poisoning, along with digestive and metabolic issues. Make sure, apart from a healthy diet, your Dog remains well-hydrated. Keep their bowl full of clean drinking water. Check their drinking habits and if they reduce their drinking frequency, take them to a reliable vet for further screening to detect any underlying health issues beforehand.

Golden Retriever price in Mumbai
Golden Retriever dog for sale in Mumbai

Training Your Golden Retriever

When you finally bring a Golden Retriever for sale near home, the second step to building a healthy companionship and bond is to give them proper training. Here are some tips for do's and don'ts.

Do's Benefits Don'ts Consequences
Use positive reinforcement Builds strong bond and trust Avoid harsh punishment or yelling May cause fear, anxiety, and behavioral issues
Be consistent Establishes clear expectations Don't skip training sessions Lack of progress and confusion in your dog
Keep training sessions short Maintains focus and engagement Avoid overwhelming with long sessions Loss of interest, frustration, and exhaustion
Use treats and praise Motivates and reinforces good behavior Don't use excessive treats or overfeed Dependency on treats, potential weight gain
Be patient and persistent Develops consistent behavior Avoid inconsistent commands or cues Confusion, inability to understand expectations

Health Check-ups: Common Golden Retriever Health Concerns

Golden Retrievers can have health issues from time to time. Some common health concerns are hip joint problems (Hip Dysplasia), seizures (Epilepsy), Skin rashes or tummy issues (Allergies), the wobbly kneecap (Luxating Patella), and lymphoma (Cancer). To keep your Golden Retriever protected from diseases, you need to take attentive care. Here are some preventive measures:

Following these tips to give your Golden Retriever a long, healthy, and joyful life!

  • Always adopt your puppy from a reliable pet shop for Golden Retriever puppies in Mumbai.
  • Take them to regular veterinary check-ups for early detection of diseases.
  • Feed them a highly-nutritional balanced diet for healthy immunity. Consider their age, size, and activity level.
  • Stay up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Be observant of any unusual lumps, bumps, or changes in behavior.
  • Apply preventatives for fleas, ticks, and heartworms.
  • Avoid overfeeding for weight management.
  • Take them on regular exercise for good joint health
Golden Retriever price in Mumbai
Golden Retriever puppies price in Mumbai

Grooming and Bathing Tips for Golden Retrievers

Maintaining hygiene is important for the well-being of Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Mumbai. They are prone to develop skin infections, tick infestation, and skin allergies. Improper hygiene can lead to excessive shedding and foul smell. Your dog will cause excessive itching signs and this will cause a problem for both the dog and family members. To make sure you are taking hygiene care properly, here's a detailed guide:

Grooming Activity Frequency Tips Benefits Techniques
Regular Brushing 2-3 times a week Use a suitable brush for coat type. Prevents matting and shedding. Brush in the direction of hair growth.
Check and Clean Ears Weekly Use vet-approved cleaner and gentle motions. Prevents infections and ear issues. Gently wipe the outer ear with a damp cotton ball.
Trim Nails as Needed As needed Use clippers with safety features. Reduces risk of nail injuries. Trim small portions gradually, avoiding quick.
Teeth Cleaning Daily Use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Maintains oral health and prevents decay. Gently brush teeth and gums with a pet toothbrush.
Sterile Eye Wash or Wipes As needed Use products recommended by vets. Prevents eye infections and stains. Gently wipe around your eyes with clean, damp cloth.

Bathing Activity Frequency Tips Benefits Techniques
Bathe as Needed As needed Use hypoallergenic dog-specific shampoo. Keep the coat clean and odor-free. Wet coat thoroughly, apply shampoo, and rinse well.
Thoroughly Rinse Coat After shampooing Ensure no shampoo residue remains. Prevents skin irritation. Thoroughly rinse the coat until the water runs clear.
Dry Thoroughly After bathing Use towels and a low heat blow dryer or air blower. Prevents skin infections and odors. Gently pat dry with towels, then blow-dry on low.
Soft Bristle Brush (after bath) After drying Use a soft brush to prevent tangles. Promotes a smooth and clean coat. Brush through the coat to prevent matting.
Non-slip Bath Mat (for bath) Before bathing Place a secure mat to prevent slipping. Ensures safe and comfortable bathing. Place the mat securely in the bathing area.
Golden Retriever dog price in Mumbai
Golden Retriever dog kennel in Mumbai

Choosing a dog kennel for Golden Retriever in Mumbai

There are certain times when pet owners need to visit other places. Every time taking a dog along is not possible. Again, there are situations when a dog develops certain health issues that need special care which can not be given in a regular house setting. In this case, dog kennel services come quite handy. Now, you can not take a risk choosing a poor-quality dog kennel for Golden Retriever in Mumbai. You have to make sure that the kennel service provider is a specialist at offering ideal care for your pet when you are not present. Doggywala is a trusted dog kennel for Golden Retrievers in Mumbai. We have helped hundreds of dog owners in handling their pets whether it's temporary accommodation or medical care. If you are looking for top-class dog accommodation with proper care in terms of feeding, regular exercise, and medications, choose Doggywala. We have expert dog caregivers and reliable veterinary care support. Contact us for room availability.

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Pet Shop for Golden Retriever Puppies in Mumbai

Doggywala is a trusted online site where you can explore a wide variety of dogs with rich genetic lines. We love to be a part of the dog adoption process- from finding a reliable breeder to a smooth transition to a new family. We also take care of the initial medical screenings and essential vaccinations to make sure you are taking home a healthy, happy, and active puppy. As we emphasize quality breeding while maintaining ethical standards, we charge reasonable pricing for each dog breed. On our website, you will be offered the best Golden Retriever price in Mumbai. Check out the available puppies and also make a visit to our center to review the nature and temperament of pups. We never mind telling you the parental history of each of our pups and you will have a wonderful experience in our puppy paradise. Contact now!


Where do I find Golden Retrievers in Mumbai?

If you are in search of healthy Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Mumbai, turn to Doggywala. Here, you will find the most handsome puppies with a rich pedigree. Our puppies are given top-notch veterinary care with highly nutritional food and clean accommodation. In fact, we are ethical breeders and take optimum care of our parent dogs as well as the puppy. Contact us and get connected to the best breeders of Golden Retrievers in Mumbai.

Which is the best pet shop for Golden Retrievers in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the most reliable online pet shop for Golden Retriever puppies in Mumbai, and we have a wide variety of coat colors. From infants to highly-trained adults- we have all the age groups for adoption. We work with ethical breeders and take medical screenings and vaccination with priority. We nurture our dogs, ensuring they receive the best diet and hygienic habitation until they get adopted. Contact us now to meet your potential pet buddy!

What is the price of a Golden Retriever in Mumbai?

The Golden Retriever puppies price in Mumbai varies due to many factors. Their genetic lines, breeder's assurance, health status, and coat color availability play important roles in determining the final price. Moreover, health screening and vaccination charges are counted separately. In general, the lowest Golden Retriever puppies price in Mumbai and Mumbai is Rs. 15000.

Where do I find the best dog kennel for Golden Retrievers in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the best dog kennel for Golden Retrievers in Mumbai. We have the best-in-class dog accommodation services with watchful veterinary care. From offering a highly nutritional diet to taking them to regular activities- we specialize in all types of dog care services in the absence of owners. We also have a special accommodation facility for ailing dogs, and our expert caregivers manage all the grooming, bathing, and medication needs. We love dogs, and we give our best in taking top-notch care of these furry buddies. Trust us to be your pet's guardian when you are out of town or need specialized veterinary care.

What are the essentials for a Golden Retriever?

When you bring one of the Golden Retriever puppies for sale in a Mumbai home, get prepared to get some essentials for the pet. Start with bathing supplies, including dog-friendly shampoo, conditioner, and a soft towel for delightful post-bath snuggles. Consider rewarding good behavior with treats and a treat dispenser for added fun. Make mealtime enjoyable with nutritious dog food and a sturdy food bowl, and be prepared with any prescribed medications or first aid supplies. Provide your furry friend with a cozy bed for sweet dreams, and consider a dog house if they enjoy outdoor adventures. Keep their teeth and gums healthy with chew toys, and make walks exciting with a secure belt and harness combo. Regular grooming is a must, so have a nail cutter and fur brush to maintain their appearance. For that extra touch, consider a pet-friendly fragrance between baths, and don't forget to pamper their paws and nose with moisturizers to keep them soft and nourished.

What is an ideal exercise routine for Golden Retrievers?

Exercise is vital for your Golden Retriever's well-being. Daily walks (30 mins - 1 hr) keep them healthy, while 2-3 fetch sessions (15-30 mins) satisfy their instincts. Swimming (1-2 times/week, 20-30 mins) is great for them while jogging (2-3 times/week, 20-40 mins) helps them to release their energy. Give them agility training (1-2 times/week, 20-30 mins), and this will sharpen their mind and keep their body healthy and active while preventing excessive weight gain. Playdates, puzzles, and nature walks add variety to their exercise routine. Socialize often, stimulate mentally, and provide physical challenges to ensure a joyful, healthy lifestyle for the Dog.

How to understand the behavioral signs of a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are usually friendly, but they can feel different ways. Knowing how they act can help you take care of them. When they're happy, they wag their tails a lot and may "smile" by panting. If they're sad, they act quietly and hold their tail down. If they're annoyed, they may move around a lot or yawn. They hardly ever get angry, but if they do, they might growl or show their teeth. They bark to say "hi" or if they see something interesting. They can be naughty and chew things, especially when they're young. Knowing these things helps you look after your Golden Retriever better.

Why is Golden Retriever so popular?

Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Mumbai are super friendly and great for families. They're smart, loyal, and easy to train. Psychologists and therapists even say they act as mental health boosters. They help us feel less alone and worried. Sometimes, they even help in hospitals and schools to give comfort to people.

What is the average cost of Golden Retriever ownership?

Owning a Golden Retriever in Mumbai is fun, but you need to know about the costs. First, you need to spend ₹15,000 to ₹1,00,000 to get one. Every year, you'll need to pay about ₹5,000 to ₹10,000 for things like vaccine shots and check-ups. Taking care of their fur and grooming often costs ₹3,000 to ₹5,000 a year. The cost of high-quality food could be ₹4,000 to ₹8,000 every month, and you may have to spend ₹500 to ₹1,000 each month on toys and treats. If you add all this up, along with the Golden Retriever's starting price, you might spend around ₹30,000 to ₹60,000 every year. It's smart to plan the ownership cost before adopting a Golden Retriever.

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