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Pug Puppies For Sale In Mumbai

Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai
#239074 Pug dog for sale in Mumbai
Price - 29000
Gender - Male
Location - Ghatkopar(E) - Mumbai
Breed - Pug
Other Details -

KCI Registered Pug puppy for sale at Ghatkopar(E) Mumbai

#239075 Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai
Price - 24000
Gender - Male and Female
Location - Borivali(W) - Mumbai
Breed - Pug
Other Details -

Very active and playful Pug puppies for sale at Borivali(W) Mumbai

#239076 Pug price in Mumbai
Price - 32000
Gender - Female
Location - Thane - Mumbai
Breed - Pug
Other Details -

Vaccinated Original Breed Pug puppy for sale at Thane - Mumbai

#239077 Pug price in Mumbai
Price - 27000
Gender - Male
Location - Airoli - Mumbai
Breed - Pug
Other Details -

Heavy and Smart Pug puppy for sale in Airoli - Mumbai

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Pugs are small, friendly dogs that make great companions. They love being with family members, including kids and even strangers. Due to their tiny size, they're happy in any loving home, even in apartments. However, their big eyes and cute wrinkly faces will make your heart melt at first sight. Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai are easy to take care of and perfect for first-time owners. The Pug's name originates from the Latin term "parvo," meaning 'clenched fist,' which relates to its flat nose. In various countries, it's known by different names: Mops in Germany, Mopshond in Holland, and Carlin in France. Due to their lively personalities, pugs are often referred to as 'small dogs with big personalities." If you are looking to adopt a Pug in Mumbai, Doggywala is your one-stop online store!

Pug price in Mumbai

Pug for sale in Mumbai: Appearance

The Pug for sale in Mumbai is a compact, sturdy dog with a square-shaped body. They have a round, big head featuring a short, square muzzle, and cheek moles are seen as attractive marks. Their teeth meet with a slight underbite. Their eyes are notably large and dark, and their small, slender ears can be rose-shaped or button-shaped. The face features prominent wrinkles, and their tail, set high, curls over their back, with a double curl preferred in shows. Pugs can be seen in fawn or black colors. The fawn color may have different tints, such as apricot or silver. All Pugs share a common feature: a small, simple, black muzzle.

Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai have short, soft, fine, and smooth coat that comes in colors such as apricot, fawn, black, and silver. They have an average life span of 12-15 years. Pugs come in various sizes, with males ranging in height from 12 to 14 inches (30 to 36 cm) and females standing at 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm). In terms of weight, males weigh between 13 to 20 pounds (6 to 9 kg), while females range from 13 to 18 pounds (6 to 8 kg).

Pug breeder in Mumbai

Pug Price in Mumbai

In Mumbai, Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai usually cost between 15,000 and 80,000 INR. If you're looking for high-quality puppies, the purebred Pug price in Mumbai starts from 19,000 INR. Toy breed Pug puppies are priced between 20,000 and 22,000 INR, while champion Pug puppies are a fixed 20,000 INR. The factors that affect the Price of Pug in Mumbai include the reputation of the breeder, the puppy's lineage, health certifications, and any additional services provided. It's also important to choose ethical breeders like Doggywala for a reasonable Pug puppies price in Mumbai.

Pug History & Origin

The Pug originated in China during the Han dynasty between 206 B.C. and 200 A.D. Chinese Emperors adored them, even assigning soldiers as guardians. Similar dogs were also found in ancient Tibet and Japan. In the 1500s and 1600s, Dutch traders brought these dogs to Europe, where they were called "Mopshond." European royalty favored Pugs, which boosted their popularity.

Different countries gave them unique names, like "Carlin" in France and "Doguillo" in Spain. In Germany, they were known as "Mops," and in Italy, they were "Caganlino." In England, during the 1800s, two prominent breeding lines emerged. One traced back to Queen Charlotte's royal dogs (the Morrisson line), and the other began with dogs imported from Hungary and Russia by Lord and Lady Willoughby de Eresby.

In 1861, British forces brought Pugs to England when they took control of the Chinese Imperial Palace. These dogs became a symbol of popularity during the Victorian Era. They appeared in postcards, figurines, and paintings. After the Civil War, Pugs arrived in the United States and gained recognition from the American Kennel Club in 1885. The Pug Club of America was founded in 1931 to further promote this special breed.

Pug: Personality and Temperament

A pug for sale near me is not just cute; they're the epitome of joy and loyalty. With their unique appearance and charming personalities, Pugs have carved a special place in the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. Let's explore some unique facts about their personality and temperament:

Traits Description
Personality Pugs are known for their cheerful and happy-go-lucky attitude. They're lively and spirited, bringing joy to any home. Their loyalty and affection for the family are unmatched.
Playfulness Pugs are playful and a bit lively, ensuring lots of fun and laughter.
Intelligence Pugs are smart but get bored with repetitive training. Keep sessions varied to keep their minds engaged.
Temperament While generally loving, Pugs can be a bit willful. A calm, firm, and consistent owner is ideal.
Watchfulness Pugs are good watchdogs without being excessive barkers. They get along well with other pets and visitors.
Compatibility Pugs are harmonious with other pets, especially children. They're gentle and make great companions.
Leadership Pugs need a clear pack leader; otherwise, they may exhibit guarding behaviors. Leadership corrects these behaviors.
Brachycephalic Features Pugs, with flat faces, are sensitive to heat. Their distinctive snorts and snores may take some getting used to.
Affection and Attention Pugs thrive on human attention and love. They prefer being indoors and can overeat, so monitor their diet.
Ideal First-Time Pets Pugs are easy-going and perfect for first-time pet owners. Their adaptability ensures a smooth transition into your family.

Pug: Care Guidelines

If you are excited about buying a pug for sale near me, then you also need to be mindful of the responsibilities of a pug owner. Therefore, here's a quick guideline for you to become a successful pet parent, especially if you want to share your life with a Pug in Mumbai:


Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai are little food lovers and will do almost anything for a tasty treat. However, like any dog, pugs can become overweight quickly. Maintaining a healthy diet is important to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Choosing the Right Amount

Feeding your Pug the correct amount of food is essential to ensure they receive the right number of calories for their growth. Deviating from this can lead to health problems. Several factors come into play when determining the appropriate food amount for your Pug, including age, activity level, metabolism, and build. The type of food matters, too. Homemade food and commercial dog food may require different serving sizes.

As a general rule, puppies should be given about 1 ounce of food per pound of body weight, while adult pugs should receive half that amount.

Calorie Needs

Pug puppies in their growth phase require more calories than adult and senior pugs. On average, a puppy needs around 50 calories per pound of body weight, while an adult pug requires approximately 40 calories per pound. Senior pugs need fewer calories due to slower metabolism and reduced activity levels.

Meal Frequency

It's important to provide measured meals at specific times for your Pug rather than free-feeding. Here's a table outlining the ideal meal frequency and portion sizes based on age:

Age Amount of Food per Meal Number of Meals per Day
8 weeks to 12 weeks 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of puppy food 4 times a day
3-6 months 1/4 - 1/3 cups of quality food 3 times a day
8-12 months 1/3 to 1/2 cups of quality food 2 times a day
Older than 12 months 1/2 cup of quality adult food 1-2 times a day (based on activity level)

Best Foods for Pugs

When choosing foods for your Pug in Mumbai, consider incorporating:

  • Lean meats like chicken, fish, liver, and lean hamburgers.
  • Healthy grains such as brown rice.
  • Nutrient-packed veggies like peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, and spinach.

Tips for a Healthy Pug

To keep your Pug happy and healthy:

  • Avoid smoking around them.
  • Make sure they get regular exercise and walks.
  • Offer measured food portions to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Provide chewable toys to promote dental health.
  • Keep their water bowl filled with fresh water.

By following these guidelines and tips, you can ensure your Pug lives a healthy and joyful life.

Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai

Pug: Health

Pug puppies for sale near me are prone to various health issues. These problems often stem from their unique physical features.

Eye Troubles

Pugs have big, beautiful eyes. But they are more vulnerable to eye problems like scratched corneas, proptosis (when an eye pops out), and entropion (painful eyelids curling inward). Their flat faces and lack of prominent brow ridges make them susceptible to these issues.

Breathing Challenges

Pugs have short snouts and narrow air passages. This makes them prone to breathing difficulties. They can't cool down by panting as effectively as other dogs. If their body temperature rises too much, it can lead to organ failure.

  • The normal body temperature for a pug is 38-39°C (101-102°F).
  • Urgent cooling is needed if their temperature hits 41°C (105°F).
  • Temperatures above 42°C (108°F) can be life-threatening.
Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai

Air Travel Concerns

Due to their respiratory issues, some airlines have restrictions or limitations on transporting pugs and other brachycephalic breeds.

Weight Management

Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai can become obese if they don't get enough exercise and eat a balanced diet. Regular exercise and proper nutrition can prevent this.

Pug's Curly Tail

Pugs have cute curly tails, but these tails can cause problems. Moisture can get trapped in the folds. This attracts fleas. Pugs can't scratch their tails. This gives fleas a chance to multiply fast which leads to irritation, tail-chasing, and even allergies. Look out for a redder tail and signs of blood.

Common Health Conditions in Pugs

  • Enlarged Palates: Many pugs have larger than normal palates. It leads to "reverse sneezing" when they get excited. It's usually not dangerous and can be relieved by rubbing their throat or covering their nose.
  • Stenotic Nares: Some pugs are born with pinched nostrils. It makes breathing difficult. Surgery might be needed to improve their airways.
  • Eye Prolapse: Pugs are prone to eye prolapse, often due to head or neck trauma or using a tight leash. Veterinary treatment is recommended, and surgery may be necessary if it happens frequently.
  • Skin Folds: Pugs for sale in Mumbai have wrinkles on their faces, which need regular cleaning to prevent skin fold dermatitis, which is a painful skin condition.
  • Hip Dysplasia: About 64% of pugs suffer from hip dysplasia, a condition where the hip socket doesn't develop correctly. This can cause pain and mobility issues.

Serious Issues

  • Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis (NME): This rare brain inflammation affects pugs and other small breeds. There's no known cure, and affected dogs often have to be euthanized within months of onset.
  • Hemivertebrae: Pugs in Mumbai, like other brachycephalic breeds, can develop hemivertebrae, which can put pressure on the spine. It may lead to paralysis in severe cases.

Taking good care of your Pug, regular vet check-ups, and a healthy lifestyle can help mitigate these health concerns and ensure your Pug lives a happy, comfortable life.

Pug male puppies for sale in Mumbai

Pug: Training

Pugs are affectionate but can be a tad stubborn when it comes to training. Here's how to train your pug puppy in Mumbai:

Teach Basic Commands:

Start with basic commands like sit, stay, come, and down. Use positive reinforcement when your puppy follows your instructions.

Reward Good Behavior:

Praise your Pug grandly when they do things correctly. You can also offer them a toy or treat as a reward for completing tasks correctly.

Patience Is Key:

Pug puppies might take a bit more time to learn compared to some other breeds, but your patience will pay off.

Why Train Your Pug Puppy?

Training your pug puppy is important for several reasons:


It helps your puppy learn essential obedience commands, making life with your Pug more manageable.

Behavioral Issues:

Training can prevent behavioral problems from developing.


It provides an opportunity to bond with your puppy.

Dog Activities:

Many dog sports and activities require basic training, so if you plan to engage in these with your Pug, training is a must.

The Basics of Pug Puppy Training

Here are the fundamental aspects of training your Pug in Mumbai:

Potty Training:

Potty training is vital but can be challenging with pugs. Expect some accidents, but consistency with potty breaks and rewards is key.

Crate Training:

Crate training helps your Pug feel secure and aids in potty training. Start by introducing the crate with positive reinforcement and gradually increase the time spent inside.

Obedience Training:

Begin with simple commands like sit, stay, come, and down. Be patient and consistent in your training, and your Pug will catch on.

With patience and persistence, you'll become a pro at training your pug puppy in no time.


Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai need daily exercise to stay in shape and happy. Here's what you should know:

Daily Activity:

Aim for about 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise each day. You can break it into short walks or play sessions.

Watch the Heat:

Pugs can overheat easily, so exercise during cooler times and in the shade.

Breathing Matters:

Be mindful of your breathing. Avoid strenuous activities that could make it hard for them to breathe.

For Pug Puppies:

Puppies have different needs. Keep their exercise gentle and short to protect their growing bodies. Focus on play and controlled activities to avoid joint strain. Skip long walks or intense activities until they're around 12 months old. Always consult your vet for exercise advice based on your Pug's age and health.

Pug: Grooming and Bathing

Pugs for sale in Mumbai have thick coats that require regular care to keep them healthy and happy. Here's a simple guide for both bathing and grooming:


Taking care of your Pug's hygiene is important. Here's what you need and how to give your Pug a bath.

Essential Tools

  • A brush or grooming mitt to remove loose fur before bathing.
  • Shampoo is suitable for pugs, with no harsh additives, and a pH balance of 6.5 to 7.5.
  • Wash-out conditioner to keep their fur soft and shiny.
  • A scrub brush for thorough cleaning and hair removal during baths.
  • Cotton balls to prevent water from entering the ear canals.
  • Two thin washcloths for the face and sensitive areas and an absorbent towel.
  • Optional: Non-slip mat to prevent your Pug from slipping in the sink or tub.

Step-by-Step Bathing Guide


Brush your Pug's coat to remove loose fur. Gather all needed items within easy reach.

Bathing Instructions:

Fill the tub or sink with 1 to 3 inches of lukewarm water. Test the temperature with your wrist. Gently place cotton at the ear canal opening to prevent water entry (do not place it deep). Wet your Pug's entire body, ensuring the coat is thoroughly soaked. Apply shampoo liberally to ensure proper cleansing. Scrub and massage the suds down to the skin, using a scrub brush if necessary. Clean the face, including wrinkles, and scrub the underbelly and genital area with a thin washcloth. Rinse thoroughly, using a nozzle if available to reach through the coat. Apply conditioner generously, massage it in, and rinse thoroughly.


After the bath, allow your Pug to shake off excess water. Then, wrap them in an absorbent towel, patting and gently rubbing in the direction of fur growth. Remove the cotton from the ears and use a clean washcloth to dry the ears and spaces between the toes.

Other Tips

  • Bathe your Pug in Mumbai once a month using a mild, hypoallergenic shampoo.
  • Be careful not to get shampoo in their eyes and ears.
  • Towel dry and use a low setting on a blow dryer.
  • In between baths, use waterless bath shampoo.


Apart from bathing, your Pug needs proper grooming. Here are some tips:

Cleaning the Wrinkles

Pugs have adorable wrinkles, but they can trap moisture and dirt. Wipe their wrinkles with a fragrance-free grooming wipe daily.

Brushing the Coat

Pugs shed a lot, so brush their coat every 1 to 3 days. Use a grooming glove or brush to remove loose and dead hairs.

Cleaning the Eye Area

Pugs' eyes can collect dirt, leading to tearing. Clean the eye area daily with a veterinarian-recommended product.

Cleaning the Ears

Pugs have drop ears that can trap wax and moisture. Wipe the ear flap weekly and the ear canal as needed.

Paw Care

Apply paw wax every two weeks to prevent dryness and cracking.

Nose Care

In dry seasons, use nose balm once a week to prevent dryness and discomfort.

Trimming the Nails

Trim your Pug's nails every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid discomfort and potential injury. Use a cordless nail grinder for safer results.

By following these grooming tips, you'll keep your Pug looking and feeling their best without feeling overwhelmed.

Dog Kennel for Pugs in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are many places that offer dog kennel services. But if you have a breed like a Pug, you need to be picky. The reason is simply that these breeds are sensitive to allergies and demand special living conditions. Therefore, you have to make sure how clean and comfy the place is. Other important things to consider are whether the facility provides top-notch meals or not. A good dog kennel for Pug in Mumbai must have expert caregivers to look after your Pug. Doggywala has got you covered in this. Not only do we have Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai, but we also provide Dog Boarding services for Pugs in Mumbai at a very reasonable pricing.

Our Dog Boarding facility for Pug in Mumbai is squeaky clean. We feed the dogs highly nutritious meals. Our expert caregivers and vets are always on deck to keep watchful eyes on your pugs. Also, our facility also has a massive play area alongside cozy puppy chambers. We offer both long-term and short-term accommodation for puppies.

Pug price in Mumbai
Pug puppies price in Mumbai

Petshop for Pug Puppies in Mumbai

Doggywala is an online Pet Shop for Pug Puppies in Mumbai. We have 17 years of experience in dog breeding. We have healthy, champion-quality pugs with charming personalities and cute faces. We have a wide variety of pugs with different coat colors. Pugs from Doggywala are guaranteed with pure bloodlines. All credit goes to our ethical breeding practices. We hand over pugs who are healthy, well-behaved, and vaccinated for a worry-free adoption experience. Choose your Pug in Mumbai with us and bring home a loyal and cute companion!

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Pug puppies in Mumbai you love to pet. Connect - 9823214651


Where do I find Pugs in Mumbai?

You can adopt a Pug in Mumbai at Breeding centers as well as pet adoption centers. To save time and effort, you can simply choose an online pet shop for Pug puppies in Mumbai, like Doggywala. Here, you can find different coat colors and reasonable Prices for Pugs in Mumbai.

Which is the best pet shop for Pugs in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the best pet shop for Pug puppies in Mumbai. They have genetically rich Pug puppies for sale in Mumbai. Doggywala ensures healthy pups with necessary vaccinations for a safe adoption process. You can also plan a real inspection of pug puppies in Mumbai by directly contacting their ethical breeders.

What is the price of a Pug in Mumbai?

In Mumbai, Pug puppy prices vary based on factors like breed and breeder reputation: Standard Pug starts from 19,000 INR, Toy Breed Pug price ranges from 20,000 to 22,000 INR, and Champion Pug price starts at 20,000 INR.

Where do I find the best dog kennel for Pug in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the best dog kennel for Pug in Mumbai. We offer both short-term and long-term sheltering in our top-notch dog accommodation facility while providing high-quality food. We have a spacious boarding zone and experienced caretakers and veterans. Our team of experts are dedicated dog lovers and leave no stone unturned when it comes to making your Pug feel at home.

Do Pugs Shed a Lot?

Yes, Pugs shed quite a bit for their size. Regular grooming is important to keep their skin and coat healthy.

Why Do Pugs Have Breathing Problems?

Pugs have breathing problems because of their smashed-in facial structure. This leads to a narrow nasal cavity and breathing difficulties.

Do Pugs Snore?

Yes, most Pugs snore due to their narrow nasal passages. They may also wheeze, snuffle, and drool.

Should I Choose a Male or Female Pug?

It doesn't matter; each Pug has a unique personality. Love and care matter more than gender.

What Can Pugs Eat and Avoid?

Avoid feeding pugs avocados, chocolate, onions, garlic, caffeine, and grapes. Opt for a balanced diet with foods like cooked eggs, rice, chicken, canned food (low carbs), berries, and carrots. Be mindful of their health.

Are Pugs Hypoallergenic?

No, Pugs are not hypoallergenic. They shed their fur and produce dander.

Are Pugs Friendly with Kids?

Yes, Pugs are very friendly with children. They enjoy playing and are gentle around kids.

Are Pugs Friendly with Other Dogs?

Yes, Pugs are friendly and affectionate with other dogs. They enjoy socializing and making new canine friends.

Are Pugs Friendly with Cats?

Yes, Pugs get along well with cats. They treat them like they would other dogs and can share their space.

Do Pugs Make Good Guard Dogs?

No, Pugs aren't great guard dogs, but they make decent watch dogs. They will bark to alert their owners to potential threats.

Are Pugs Apartment-Friendly?

Yes, Pugs are well-suited for apartment living. They don't require extensive exercise and are comfortable in small spaces.

Are Pugs Good for First-Time Owners?

Yes, Pugs are great for novice dog owners. Their small size and low maintenance make them a good choice.

Do Pugs Bark a Lot?

No, Pugs are not frequent barkers. They vocalize when they need something or feel uneasy.

Can Pugs Live Alone for a Long Time?

Pugs can be left alone for 4-6 hours if trained. Longer periods may lead to stress and separation anxiety.

Are Pugs Intelligent Dogs?

Yes, Pugs are above-average in intelligence and can learn commands and solve problems.

Are Pugs Friendly with Strangers?

Yes, Pugs are outgoing and friendly with new people.

Do Pugs Drool a Lot?

Pugs drool when eating or excited but are not excessive droolers.

Do Pugs Like to Swim?

Pugs can enjoy swimming briefly in shallow water, but their short snouts may cause breathing issues if they swim for extended periods or in deep water. Be cautious when taking them to the pool or beach.

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