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Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai

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The boxer is a medium-to-large canine breed characterized by its short, sleek coat and a nimble, muscular physique. This breed falls within the working group and can be traced back to its origins in Germany. This breed is also known by the names German Boxer and Deutscher Boxer. Boxers have a spirited and faithful nature with a gentle and lively personality. Boxers have a lifespan of about 10 to 12 years. They usually maintain a harmonious relationship with family and children and they are extremely protective of their loved ones. If you are looking for Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai, Doggywala is your one-stop destination where you will meet puppies from rich genetic lines. Our puppies are healthy, active purebreds who are available for adoption at the most reasonable price.

Boxer price in Mumbai
Boxer breeder in Mumbai

Boxer Price in Mumbai

When it comes to Boxer Price in Mumbai, you will be shocked by the variances. You will notice some breeders asking for high prices up to Rs.80,000 while some will be ready to offer the puppy for a too-good-to-be-true price like only Rs. 12000. You need to be careful about the breed types. Purebreds are usually higher in price, starting from Rs. 18000 and the price goes up depending on various factors like quality of breeders, health screening, level of training given, and coat colors. On the other hand, affordable options (not all the time) tend to be mixed breeds which often come with temperamental issues and health problems. But it is extremely important that you choose only a reliable pet shop for Boxer puppies in Mumbai like Doggywala which only sells pure breeds at the most reasonable cost. Check out this table for your basic idea for Boxer Puppies price in Mumbai:

Age Pure Breed Price Mixed Breed Price
Puppy (0-6 months) ₹20,000 - ₹80,000 ₹15,000 - ₹40,000
Adult (7 months - 3 years) ₹18,000 - ₹70,000 ₹12,000 - ₹35,000
Senior (4+ years) ₹15,000 - ₹60,000 ₹10,000 - ₹25,000

Boxer for Sale Near Me: Size, Appearance, and Physical Features

The Boxer looks like a mastiff-type dog. Their short coat shows off their strong muscles underneath. With their deep brown eyes and wrinkled foreheads, they are always "at attention" look. Their coat comes in shades of fawn or brindle, often with white markings. Females typically stand between 21.5 to 23.5 inches in height, while males are a bit taller, ranging from 23 to 25 inches. In terms of weight, females usually weigh between 50 to 65 pounds, while males are larger, weighing between 65 to 80 pounds. The average lifespan of a Boxer is around 10 to 12 years. Boxers for Sale Near Me are a bit special because they have broad, short skulls (brachycephalic), an underbite (their lower jaw sticks out a bit), and very powerful jaws. They also have a strong bite, which helps them hold onto big prey. As their name suggests, Boxers move gracefully and powerfully, like athletes.

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Boxers: Origin, Temperament and Traits

Boxers like to stand on their back legs and pretend to lift their paws, which look like boxers in the ring. So, they got the name "boxer." If you play tug-of-war with a boxer pup, you'll see they enjoy putting their paws up to play or protect themselves. The Boxer is a mastiff-type dog that was developed in Germany during the late 1800s. It originated from crossing the now-extinct Bullenbeisser with Bulldogs from Britain. The Bullenbeisser was used for hunting large animals, while the smaller version in Belgium is considered an ancestor of today's Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai.

In 1896, Germans introduced the Boxer at a dog show in Munich and established the first Boxer Club. The breed standards were set in 1904 and remain largely unchanged. Boxers spread to other parts of Europe and the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The American Kennel Club registered the first Boxer in 1904 and recognized the first Boxer champion in 1915. During World War I, Boxers were used for military tasks. Boxers gained more popularity after World War II when soldiers brought them home. They became beloved companions, show dogs, and guards.

Boxer for sale near me is the complete package when it comes to dog qualities: loyalty, love, smarts, hard work, and good looks. They're bright and watchful, sometimes a bit goofy, but always brave. Boxers are cheerful and love to play. They're patient and protective, which makes them great with kids. They take their roles as family guardians and watch dogs seriously, and they're not afraid to face danger. For Boxers to grow into a well-behaved dog, it's good for them to meet lots of people and other animals when they're puppies.

Taking Care of Your Boxer in Mumbai

Bringing a boxer into your life is more than just a privilege – it's a big responsibility. These cuties rely on us for their basic needs like food and shelter, but they deserve even more care and attention. When you decide to have a dog, it's important to realize the serious commitment that comes with owning one. We not only connect people with beautiful Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai but also advise our best guidance in taking care of them. Check out our standard guide for becoming an ideal boxer parent!

Nutrition and Feeding

Boxer puppies need food rich in protein for healthy growth and development. Their diet should contain more protein than that of adult dogs. A moderate amount of healthy fats is also important. For large breeds like Boxer for sale near me, balanced puppy food is important to avoid excessive weight gain and potential disorders.

What to feed?

For Boxer puppies, a fresh and natural diet works best. To keep them healthy, it's important to include edible raw, meaty bones like chicken wings and necks. Lean muscle meat from sources like beef, chicken, and other animals is also good for them. Additionally, including secreting organs like the liver, kidney, and pancreas in their diet is essential. Opt for high-quality ingredients without artificial additives or fillers for the best nutrition.

How much to feed?

To decide how much to feed your Boxer, consider factors like age, weight, activity, health, food type, and metabolism. Generally, puppies need around 55 calories per pound of body weight. Young pups might eat a little over a cup daily, while older ones can have up to 3 cups. Adult Boxers need about 40 calories per pound, so adults usually consume 3 to 5 cups daily, based on size. For exact portions, check your dog's weight and the food packaging's guidelines. Remember to include treats and snacks in their overall diet.

Health Concerns and Vaccinations

Keeping up with all the vaccinations is important for your beloved boxer's health. Check out this standard vaccination schedule:

Age (Weeks) Vaccines Optional Vaccines
6 to 8 Distemper and Parvovirus Bordetella
10 to 12 Repeat of Distemper and Parvovirus, add Hepatitis and Parainfluenza. Influenza, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme Disease
16 to 18 DHPP 4-in-1 (Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza) and Rabies Influenza, Lyme Disease, Leptospirosis, Bordetella
12 to 16 months Revaccination with Rabies and DHPP 4-in-1 Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme Disease

Now, let's come to the general health concerns for your boxer.

Health Concerns in Boxers Description
Respiratory & Facial Health Boxers often suffer from brachycephalic syndrome. It leads to respiratory, digestive, and eye issues.
Cardiac Problems Heart issues like subaortic stenosis, familial ventricular arrhythmia, pulmonic stenosis, and septal defects (holes in the heart).
Tumors & Cancers Lymphosarcoma, mast cell tumors, histiocytoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.
Eye Conditions Corneal ulcers, cataracts (under 4 years), corneal dystrophy, cherry eye, eyelid abnormalities (entropion and ectropion), eyelash abnormalities, and occasionally progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).
Digestive System Issues Excessive gas, ulcerative colitis (inflammatory bowel disease), and a heightened risk of bloat (emergency gastrointestinal syndrome).
Orthopedic Health Concerns Hip dysplasia is a major orthopedic issue in Boxers, with around 12% affected. Elbow dysplasia occurs in about 1% of cases. Other problems include intervertebral disk disease, Wobblers syndrome, osteochondritis, and hypertrophic osteodystrophy.
Thyroid Abnormalities Up to 23% of Boxers have low thyroid levels, and up to 30% are affected by thyroid issues, according to databases.
Skin Conditions Itchy skin, demodectic mange in puppies, follicular dysplasia, and non-tumorous growths.
Gingival Hyperplasia Some Boxers develop fibrous gum tissue growths on their gums, affecting chewing. Surgical removal might be necessary.
Blood-clotting Disorders Blood-clotting diseases like von Willebrand's, hemophilia A, and factor II deficiency can occur in Boxers.
Other Health Concerns Boxers may also experience degenerative myelopathy, Cushing's disease, epilepsy, pyloric stenosis, cystinuria, kidney disease, polyneuropathy, craniomandibular osteopathy, and inherited deafness in some white Boxer puppies.

Proper vaccine shots for disease prevention, regular veterinary care for early detection, and proper management are essential to keep your Boxer healthy and happy.

Training and Exercise

Boxers, like all dogs, need regular exercise. A brisk walk of 20 minutes for a puppy or 30-45 minutes for an adult is recommended daily. Let them run freely 2-3 times a week. Exercise creativity – play catch with a Frisbee, jog, bike, or hike together. Wait an hour after eating for a walk and 2 hours for intense activity. Adjust exercise as your Boxer grows. Check this simple exercise guide for Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai:

Age Duration Tips
Under 3 months Up to 15 mins/day walking on a lead - Limited free running, no force to keep up
3 to 6 months Up to 15 mins/day walking on a lead - Short fetch with rolled ball - Short tug-o-war games, ensuring you win - Simple tracking exercises - Play with puppies of the same age group
6 to 12 months Increase lead walking to 30 mins/day - Continue tug-o-war games - Fetch balls over safe surface - Gentle introduction to swimming
12 to 18 months Increase lead walking to 1.5 hours/day - Extend fetching to frisbee and swimming - Allow running alongside a bicycle - Introduce serious agility training

Now when it comes to training, it should be started early on (from 8-16 weeks). In the Growth Stage, start teaching commands like 'Sit,' 'Stay,' and 'Come' to shape good behavior. Also, help your Boxer get accustomed to grooming tools like brushes and washcloths for easy care. Properly introduce your Boxer pup to people and pets so they become well-socialized and friendly. By 6 months of age, start giving your boxer puppy potty training. Also, teach advanced commands to boost their intelligence and curb any escape tendencies. When your boxer becomes 1 year old, let your Boxer participate in AKC sports like Obedience, Agility, Barn Hunt, Herding, and more. A Boxer for sale near me is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Keep them hydrated and protect them from intense heat and cold while training or exercising.

Boxer male price in Mumbai
Boxer dog for sale in Mumbai

Grooming and Bathing

Grooming your Boxer involves more than just a bath or brushing. Proper grooming enhances the bond between you and your dog while ensuring their overall health and well-being. Regular care of fur, nails, ears, wrinkles, eyes, and teeth is essential for a clean, healthy, and happy Boxer.

Grooming Task Frequency Notes
Brushing 2-3 times per week Helps reduce shedding and maintain coat.
Bathing Every 4-8 weeks Use a gentle dog shampoo.
Nail Trimming 1-2 times per month Prevents overgrowth and discomfort.
Ear Cleaning Monthly Check for dirt, wax, or signs of infection.
Teeth Cleaning 2-3 times per week Use dog-specific toothpaste and brush.
Anal Gland Expression As needed Consult a vet on how to perform this.
Eye Cleaning Weekly Wipe away any discharge with damp cloth.
Paw Pad Inspection Weekly Check for cuts, debris, or irritations.
Hair Trimming As needed Trim around eyes, paws, and sanitary area.
Skin and Coat Check Weekly Look for dryness, redness, or abnormalities.

Dog Kennel for Boxers in Mumbai

Looking for a Dog kennel for Boxer in Mumbai is a wonderful idea if you are looking for temporary accommodation for your pup. Pet owners often look for reliable dog boarding services for a variety of reasons. It can be a family vacation, functions at home, or sometimes, it can be hour-based pet sitting. Kennel services are also ideal for off-site Dog care for some serious health issues. It ensures safety for the family while also taking proper care of the boxer. Whatever the reason is, choosing a reliable Dog kennel for Boxer in Mumbai is important for the safety and welfare of your dog.

In this case, you can trust Doggywala. We are a trusted kennel service provider offering a variety of dog boarding services for various needs. From veterinary care to temporary accommodation- our service covers it all. We have a team of expert caregivers who feed, bathe, groom, and take your puppy on daily exercises. We also take care of your puppy's comfort and medications. When it comes to safety and hygiene, we give ourselves a pat on the back with our superior approach to cleanliness and curbing the chances of any infection spreading. We love dogs and our staff will be glad to spend some quality time with your pooch until you come and pick them up!

Pet Shop for Boxer Puppies in Mumbai

Doggywala is the best online site where you can browse a wide range of Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai. You can adopt purebreds with different coat color varieties at the most affordable Boxer price in Mumbai. In fact, we work with ethical breeders and we strictly adhere to safe and standard breeding practices while ensuring the welfare of our dogs. We conduct necessary medical screening, take care of standard vaccinations, and make sure each pup is receiving high-quality meals and comfort of living. We have helped hundreds of dog lovers in choosing their favorite breeds by connecting them with ethical breeders. So, without a second thought, choose our Petshop for Boxer Puppies in Mumbai and bring a furry friend into your life!

Boxer price in Mumbai


Where do I find Boxer in Mumbai?

At Doggywala, you will find the high-quality, pure-bred Boxer for sale near me in a variety of coat colors. Our puppies are healthy, vaccinated, and ethically bred from real boxers. Moreover, we also share parent dog details on request and directly allow our customers to talk with breeders. You can visit the website and browse the online picture of available boxers for adoption or you can also schedule a site visit before the adoption. We will be by your side throughout your entire adoption process!

Which is the best pet shop for Boxer in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the best online platform that offers a diverse selection of Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai. Our platform boasts an array of purebred companions available at the most competitive prices. We collaborate with reputable breeders while taking the utmost care and welfare of our cherished canines. Our puppies are disease-free, ethically bred, have rich genetic lines, and are happy. Let us help you in getting documentation done for adoption with minimal leg work! Choose our petshop for Boxer puppies in Mumbai and never worry about breed quality, fair pricing, and the health of your puppy.

What is the price of a Boxer in Mumbai?

When considering Boxer prices in Mumbai, it can reach up to Rs. 80,000. It's essential to be attentive to the breed types, especially if you're looking for a purebred Boxer. Purebreds generally have higher costs: Puppy (0-6 months): ₹20,000 - ₹80,000, Adult (7 months - 3 years): ₹18,000 - ₹70,000 and Senior (4+ years): ₹15,000 - ₹60,000. Boxer Puppies' price in Mumbai also depends on factors like breeder quality, health checks, training, and coat color. To ensure you're getting a genuine purebred Boxer, rely on a reputable petshop for Boxer puppies in Mumbai like Doggywala.

Where do I find the best dog kennel for Boxers in Mumbai?

Doggywala is the go-to kennel service provider in Mumbai. From vet care to comfy stays, we've got it covered. Our caring team feeds, bathes, grooms, and exercises your pup daily. We make sure they're living in cozy chambers and get their medications on time. While talking about safety and cleanliness? We leave no stone unturned! We adore dogs, and our team will happily spend time with your fur baby until you return. Contact our dog kennel for Boxer in Mumbai to know the fee structure!

What is the heat cycle of Female Boxer dogs?

Between 6 months and a year old, female boxer dogs experience their first heat cycle. It can start as early as 4 months or as late as 15 months. If a female boxer doesn't have her first heat by age 2, talk to the vet. Since a boxer's heat cycle happens when they're still a puppy, they can become pregnant young. It lasts 1 to 3 weeks and occurs about twice a year. Every dog is different, but most follow a pattern after 3 cycles. Unlike humans, dogs can be in heat their whole lives. Spaying is usually advised, even before the first cycle, to keep them healthy and happy.

What is the barking frequency of Boxer?

Boxer puppies for sale in Mumbai bark moderately and only make noises when needed. They use barking to communicate various things. They might bark to alert their family about something unusual or to protect their territory. Sometimes, it's a sign of boredom or separation anxiety. Addressing excessive barking involves identifying the trigger. Regular exercise and mental stimulation can help minimize boredom-related barking. Training sessions to teach commands like 'quiet' can also be useful.

Can beginners adopt a boxer puppy?

Boxers can suit first-time owners if they're prepared to meet their high exercise and feeding needs and dedicate time to proper training. Commitment to their care and training can make Boxers a good choice for first-time dog owners.

Are Boxers Guard Dogs?

Despite their gentle nature, Boxers excel as guard dogs due to their intimidating appearance and protective instincts. Their loyalty and devotion make them vigilant protectors and they are always ready to safeguard loved ones from harm. With excellent watchdog abilities, they efficiently alert owners to intruders or threats.

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