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English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Vizag

English Bulldog puppies for sale in Vizag

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English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Vizag at Doggywala

Are you looking for a cute, smooshy, medium-sized pet dog who can be aggressively protective towards their owner? Then you must be looking for an English Bulldog puppies for sale in Vizag. So, what is unique about this breed, also known as the British bulldog?

It is, of course, their loving and brave personality and how they look so adorable and can steal everyone’s heart away. Here is everything you need to know about English bulldogs, from their personality traits to health and food habits to English Bulldog prices in Vizag. Keep scrolling and exploring.

English Bulldog price in Vizag

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English Bulldog dog for sale in Vizag

Factors That Affect English Bulldog Price In Vizag- English Bulldog Price In Vizag

The price of English bulldog in Vizag range from ₹25,000 to ₹60,000 depending on the various factors that are as follows:

  • Breeder's reputation and experience
  • Whether the parents have show or championship bloodlines
  • Age of the puppy
  • Size of the puppy
  • Colour and coat pattern
  • Registration papers and health certification
  • Supply and demand of the breed in your location

While looking for deals, remember to buy only from a KCI-registered English Bulldog breeder in Vizag such as Doggywala, avoid breeders who health test their breeding stock, indulge in unhealthy breeding practices, and prevent mill puppies. You should connect with experienced English bulldog owners around you to get better prices and find trustworthy breeders.

All Your Should Know Before Buying English Bulldog


English Bulldogs and their goofy looks have unique features that make them stand out. Their medium-sized body makes them a perfect apartment dog, a muscular physique, wrinkled skin, and a pushed-in nostril. They look cute and quirky thanks to their saggy, wrinkled skin.

Bulldogs have short and fluffy coats in various colours, like brindle, fawn, white, and pied. They are courageous and confident in their compact and muscular body.

If you are willing to own one such pet, they go on searching for an “English Bulldog dog breeder near me” online.

English Bulldog female puppies for sale in Vizag

Temperament and Behaviour

Their appearance might be intimidating for some children or adults, but English bulldogs are friendly and gentle. They are affectionate, cute, and an excellent choice for becoming a family pet.

When adequately trained to socialise, they can be perfect friends with children and get along well with other pet animals. However, they can be stubborn, so teaching them early and often is vital to ensure they become well-behaved adults.

English Bulldog Lifespan

About 8 to 10 years is how long the average English Bulldog lives. However, some bulldogs can live up to 12 years or more if they get the proper care, food, and exercise daily. To ensure they live a long and healthy life, it's essential to give them balanced food, take them to the vet regularly, and give them lots of mental and physical stimulation.


While training your English bulldog, you must be slow and give them time to learn, adopt new things, and practice positive reinforcement. You can start training your bulldog from a young age to establish good habits and avoid developing any bad ones. Offer them treats as rewards while teaching them new tricks and techniques to motivate them to learn more.

Keep the training sessions short and entertaining, as bulldogs have a concise attention span. Make them Socialize with all ages of humans and different kinds of pet animals at an early age to ensure they are comfortable and well-behaved. If you are a busy pet parent, you can look for a Dog Kennel for English Bulldogs in Vizag. Dog kennels such as Doggywala have experienced trainers in their team who can help you train your pets better.

Exercise Routines

English Bulldogs have significantly less exercise requirements as they have a brachycephalic (short-nosed) nature. Even though they aren't the most athletic breed, they still need to exercise regularly to keep their minds and bodies sharp.

They can stay in shape and avoid getting fat by going for daily walks, playing with other dogs, and using mental tasks like puzzle toys.

English Bulldog pet shop in Vizag

Diet Chart

Like any other dog, English Bulldogs must eat right to stay healthy and happy. Here is a general chart of what English Bulldogs should eat based on their age:

For Puppies:

As per experts at English Bulldog dog breeder in Vizag, to help them grow and develop, puppies should be fed high-quality baby food made just for their breed. When buying an English bulldog in Vizag, ensure you only buy it from a pet store you can trust. They should eat three or four small meals daily to avoid bloating.

For Adults:

High-quality dry or wet dog food should be given to adult Bulldogs to keep them healthy. Divide their meals into two plates daily and watch their portions stay slim.

For Seniors:

As Bulldogs age, their metabolism slows down, so they might need a diet with fewer calories. Senior dog food that is made to meet their unique needs can help them stay healthy and at a healthy weight.

Grooming and Bathing

It is essential to bathe an English Bulldog so that their skin and fur stay clean and healthy. Before you read these cleaning tips, contact any Pet shop for English Bulldogs in Vizag to find out how much an English Bulldog bathing and grooming costs.

Use a hypoallergenic shampoo formulated explicitly for bulldogs, and brushes your bulldog’s coat regularly and consistently before bathing them.

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English Bulldog puppy price in Vizag

How To Buy Best English Bulldog Puppy? English Bulldog for Sale Online in Vizag

Before getting a bulldog, it is essential to undertake extensive research on the breed's grooming, activity, and health requirements. This is because bulldogs have brachycephalic (short-muzzled) personalities.

Make sure you have a puppy-proof house, as bulldogs are very playful and notorious sometimes. Bulldogs are a very high-maintenance breed with potential health issues. Ensure you have a reasonable budget for pet care and health.

When you get a bulldog home in a city like Vizag, keep them cool, as they might experience breathing difficulties in hot/humid weather. Your home needs to be properly air conditioned for your pet’s comfort. English Bulldog dog breeder in Vizag will help you know your dog breeds better and make sure you meet every requirement before getting a pet home. Make sure you can stick to the commitment of having a pet in your house and treat them like your own children.

As long as you are well-prepared, patient, and have a healthy sense of humour, you have the potential to be an outstanding "hooman" to a Bulldog companion who is both adorable and loving. If you’re looking for this breed, contact Doggywala. We offer the best English Bulldog price in Vizag.


While looking for an English Bulldog dog for sale online in Vizag, should I expect any cost beyond the puppy’s price?

Yes, you should expect to pay more for things like high-quality food, vet care, training, supplies, grooming, and possibly hospital costs because this breed is prone to some health problems.

How frequently should I bathe and groom my Bulldog?

You should brush your Bulldog once weekly to remove loose hair and ensure their wrinkles remain clean and dry. This will help avoid skin diseases.

Does the Bulldog breed have a history of eye problems?

Bulldogs are prone to eye problems due to their face form. Dry eye, cherry eye, entropion, and brachycephalic eye condition are examples. Squinting, drainage, redness, and irritation occur. Consult your vet immediately for eye concerns that may require surgery. Avoiding irritants, gently wiping eye creases, and using prescription lubricants can assist.

How can I keep my Bulldog from getting too hot?

Bulldogs are susceptible to heat because they have a brachycephalic skull. Always make sure people can get shade and cool air, especially when it's hot outside. Spend less time exercising and outside when it's hot and humid. Cool them down with water or a cooling vest if someone gets too hot.

Do not leave them alone in a hot car, even temporarily. Because their lungs are so tiny, Bulldogs can quickly become sick if they get too hot because their lungs are so tiny.

Do English Bulldogdog prices in Vizag differ for females or males?

Males and females from the same litter generally don't cost much more or less. Pricing is mainly based on quality, not gender. However, in many cases, males are costlier than females.

Do English bulldog puppies require very regular training and exercise sessions how can i handle this while having a busy work life?

Bulldogs need about 20 to 30 minutes of mild exercise daily. If they have trouble breathing, they should avoid hard activities and hot weather. You can easily maintain a healthy English bulldog lifestyle while having a busy work life.

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