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Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale In Vizag

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in Vizag
#239121 Labrador Retriever dog kennel in Visakhapatnam
Price - 39000
Gender - Male
Location - Sujatha Nagar - Vizag
Breed - Labrador Retriever
Other Details -

Pure Black Labrador Retriever Puppy for sale at Sujatha Nagar - Vizag

#239122 Labrador Retriever dog price in Vizag
Price - 28000
Gender - Male
Location - Gajuwaka - Vizag
Breed - Labrador Retriever
Other Details -

Amazing quality Labrador Puppy for sale in Gajuwaka - Vizag

#239123 Labrador Retriever puppies price in Vizag
Terry & Ruby
Price - 34000
Gender - Male and Female
Location - Maharani Peta - Vizag
Breed - Labrador Retriever
Other Details -

Chocolate color Male and Female Lab Puppies for sale in Maharani Peta-Vizag

#239124 Labrador Retriever pet shop in Vizag
Mac, Bela
Price - 31000
Gender - Male and Female
Location - MVP Colony - Vizag
Breed - Labrador Retriever
Other Details -

Healthy & Child Friendly Labrador Puppies for sale in MVP Colony-Vizag

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Labrador Retriever Price In Vizag

Labrador Retrievers are among the most beloved canine varieties due to their amiability, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty. They are wonderful family pets or work companions due to their boundless energy and charming dispositions.

Labrador retrievers excel in every possible role, from adoring family pets to competent assistance dogs to exceptional competitors in a wide range of canine sports. So, keep reading...

Depending on breed history, quality, and owner, Labrador Retriever pups in Vizag cost between INR 10,000 and INR 30,000. Before getting a dog, please research to ensure its health and decent upbringing. You must be aware of the Labrador retriever dog price in Vizag.

Labrador Retriever price in Vizag

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Labrador Retriever dog kennel in Vizag

Labrador Retriever Facts

Here are the top facts about the Labrador Retrievers

  • Lots of colour options Labradors are mostly brown, black, or yellow. Some places market silver as a colour, but not in Australia. Puppy hues are genetic. Therefore, a litter may have many colours. You can choose one of your favourite-coloured Labrador retriever puppies for sale in Vizag.
  • Wise animals Labradors are very easy to train and learn new things quickly, so sign them up for puppy school right away! They love to please their owners, so therapy and rescue dogs choose them. You can buy a lovely one after knowing about the Labrador retriever price in Vizag.
  • Love to eat Labradors can't get enough food, so don't give them any treats. Any food-looking object will tempt them. Maintaining Labrador retrievers' fitness is crucial since they become obese.

History and Origin of Labrador Retriever

In the 1700s, the Labrador Retriever appeared on Newfoundland's rugged shore. Fishermen who required aid retrieving nets and fish from the frigid North Atlantic bred these dogs first.

The dogs quickly became famous for how smart, strong, and good at swimming they were. Over time, they improved until they became the Labrador Retriever we know today. The lost St. John's Dog and several European hunting breeds are also related to these dogs.

Labrador Retriever female puppies for sale in Vizag

Labrador Retriever Traits

Before choosing the Labrador retriever dog for sale online in Vizag, here are some of the common traits of a Labrador Retriever:

  • Physical appearance Labrador Retrievers are medium-sized dogs that are stocky. Depending on gender and height, a full-grown Lab weighs between 55 and 85 pounds on average. Its height is usually 24 inches. Big, expressive eyes and ears that hang in a triangle shape make up their broadheads.
  • Character traits and personality Labrador Retrievers are great family dogs because they are friendly and calm. Although they often need some teaching to calm down, these dogs are usually great with kids, friendly with strangers, and social with other dogs. A Labrador retriever dog breeder in Vizag also trains them.
  • Lifespan on average This breed can expect to live for about 12 to 12.5 years on average. According to new studies, chocolate Labradors only live an average of 10.7 years, much less than yellow and black Labs. The length of time a Labrador lives depends on many things, such as food, exercise, health care, and other things.
Labrador Retriever puppy price in Vizag

Labrador Retriever Coat and Colours

  • YellowA puppy can only be yellow if two genes make it yellow repeatedly. No matter which parent of the puppy has the recessive (Yy) gene, the puppy will still be a black or brown Lab.
  • BlackThe most common Labrador colour, with the B locus being the main black gene. People know black labs by their midnight coats and dark brown eyes.
  • Dark chocolateThe b locus is the gene's name that controls this different coat colour. Chocolate Labs are active dogs that get along well with other dogs and people.
Labrador Retriever pet shop in Vizag

Labrador Retriever Exercise Routines

You can try the following exercise plans:

  • FetchA heart-healthy activity that dogs enjoy and that helps you connect with them.
  • Circuit trainingPick exercises like splits, push-ups, lunges, squats, or squats, and do tricks between each rep.
  • Yoga for dogsA low-intensity activity that can help your dog get stronger and more flexible while burning about 240 calories per hour.
  • Going swimmingLabrador Retrievers who love water will love this.
  • To walkIt helps your dog's muscles strengthen, deal with pain, and bond more with you.

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Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in Vizag

Labrador Retriever Temperament

People like Labrador Retrievers because they are friendly and open. They are friendly and gentle, which makes them great family pets and friends. Regarding dogs, Labs are very social and like being around people and other dogs.

They are known to be patient, especially with kids, and stay calm in many scenarios.

Common Health Problems in Labrador Retriever

Here are some common health problems

  • Obesity Causes major illnesses like stomach problems, back pain, heart problems, and joint issues.
  • Bloating Large dogs with deep chests often get bloated, known as stomach dilatation and volvulus syndrome. This is one type of very dangerous disease.
  • Epilepsy Labrador Retrievers often have health problems like epilepsy, which can be idiopathic, which means the reason is unknown. People with it experience repeated seizures between 6 months and five years old.

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Ways to Protect Your Dog from Disease

To keep your Labrador dog from getting sick, do the following

  • Dog vaccines help keep your dog healthy by building up their immune system.
  • Your dog needs to drink enough water to keep its body temperature stable, ensure its systems work correctly, and improve its happiness and thinking.
  • Always know where your dog is and be aware of what's going on around them.
Labrador Retriever price in Vizag

How to care for a Labrador Retriever in Vizag?

To take care of a Labrador Retriever, do the following:

  • Work OutLabrador Retrievers need daily walks due to their busyness. Daily activity should include quick walking, running, or retrieving for 45 minutes. Take them on three lengthy walks daily.
  • GroomingYou should brush your dog's fur weekly and clip their nails every two weeks. For loose hair, brush their fur weekly in summer. You may also bathe them sometimes.
  • Diet Feed your dog a balanced diet. Labradors might overeat due to their rapid metabolisms.

Can A Labrador Retriever Survive In Vizag?

Labrador Retrievers may live in Vizag with proper care and a weather-appropriate home. Labrador Retrievers' thick double coats regulate body temperature. This allows them to live in different climates. Provide shade, good water, and sun protection to keep them healthy.

Labrador Retriever dog Care in Vizag

Dog Food & Feeding Pattern For Labrador Retriever Age-Wise

Here's what you should feed Labrador babies based on their age

  • 6–12 weeks:Puppies need four to six small meals daily to meet their high-energy needs and fast growth.
  • 3–6 months:Cut the number of meals to three to four a day and start moving towards a normal feeding plan.
  • Six months and older:Most puppies can eat twice daily, in the morning and at night.
  • 15 months onward:According to research, a healthy diet can help you live more than 12 years and build strength.

Diet For A Labrador Retriever Adult Dog in Vizag

Labrador retrievers require lots of protein to maintain physical strength. You may get nutritious chicken, fish, or lamb dog food. Also, please avoid fillers and additives and look for food with real meat and veggies as its main parts.

Diet For A Labrador Retriever Puppy In Vizag

The puppies need a good amount of protein and a calorie diet to grow fast. It should contain fruit and vegetable fibre and healthy fats.

How To Groom A Labrador Retriever Dog?

  • Tips For Bathing Labrador Retriever: Bathe your Labrador Retriever with a mild wash to avoid dry skin. Wet their fur and massage shampoo into filthy, stinky places. Rinse carefully to remove soap. You can dry with a towel or low-heat blow dryer. Then brush their fur to remove loose hair and prevent matting.
  • Labrador Retriever Puppy Care And Essentials: Bedding, food, and mental stimulation for your dog. Pets need frequent vet visits and immunisations to be healthy. Education and socialisation early on will create a well-behaved, confident dog.
  • Essential Tips For Breeding Labrador Retriever In Vizag: Before breeding, inspect Vizag Labrador Retriever parents for health issues and genetic tests. Consult expert breeders and doctors to breed properly and care for the pups.
  • Labrador Retriever Training Tips: Start with "come," "stay," and "sit," then on to harder training activities. Be persistent and provide your dog with food and pleasant activities throughout training.

Labrador Retriever Buyers Guide in Vizag

  • Guidelines For Choosing The Right Breeder: Ensure the owner is trustworthy and honest and prioritises canine health and safety. Ask for health certifications and inspect the breeding centre.
  • Choosing The Right Puppy: Check personality, health, and family history. Stay with the litter and observe their behaviour. Consider age, gender, and coat colour to determine the perfect fit.
  • The Total Cost Of Ownership – Labrador Retriever Price In Vizag: Consider purchasing, immunisations, microchipping, feeding, cleaning, medical care, and training.
  • Interesting Facts about Labrador Retrievers: They swim well because their coats don't get wet, and their feet have webbed pads. They excel in rehabilitation, search and rescue, and helping humans. You can also buy a Dog Kennel for Labrador retrievers in Vizag.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Labrador Retriever puppies in Vizag you love to pet. Connect - 9168554651


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How much does lab food cost per month?

Feeding a Labrador Retriever can cost anywhere from two thousand to five thousand a month.

Can a Labrador survive in Vizag?

Labrador Retrievers can live in Vizag's weather without proper care and attention to their health and well-being.

Do Labradors attack their owners?

Labradors are usually amiable, although some can attack people when terrified, in pain, or provoked.

What Should I Know Before Getting A Labrador Retriever In Vizag?

Before buying a Labrador Retriever in Vizag, know their activity, grooming, and heat tolerance to ensure suitable environmental care.

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