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Great Dane Puppies For Sale In Vizag

Great Dane puppies for sale in Vizag

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Great Dane Dog for Sale Online in Vizag at Doggywala

The Great Danes were initially developed in Germany for the purpose of hunting large game. They transformed into trusted family members who are famous for their affectionate and protective dispositions. They will do well in a roomy living space with a family that can provide them with regular exercise, training, and lots of love. These dogs represent both grace and power, and are often called "Apollo of Dogs."

The Great Danes are among the friendliest, kind, noble, and loyal dogs across the globe. These friendly pets are large dogs with a calm and majestic demeanor; they are beautiful animals that will respond well to proper care by their owner.

Before you buy a Great Dane puppy, it is important for you to know the various things. Here we can help. Doggywala is a go to platform for dog lovers in India which not just offer the best Great Dane price in Vizag, we offer all the information you need before and after buying the puppy. We will help with overall expenses for the Great Dane, the advantages of possessing a Great Dane, as well as the proper way of caring for a Great Dane.

Great Dane puppy price in Vizag
Great Dane dog for sale in Vizag

Great Dane Dog Price in Vizag

Prices vary significantly depending on pedigree, breeder, or location of the origin of the Great Dane in India. Great Dane dog prices in Vizag range from INR 25,000 to INR 75,000. A puppy from a well bred and purebred background such as us might even be more expensive if it meets all the qualities that are required for show purposes. Also, it has other associated costs like good quality premium diet, veterinary bills, and grooming that are quite recognized for a Great Dane.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Great Dane puppies in Vizag you love to pet. Connect - 9168554651

Great Dane Appearance

Great Danes are generally a large breed of dogs renowned for their height and a well built body. Males measure about 30 to 34 inches in shoulder height and the females are a little smaller in size. They will range in weight from as little as 1 hundred to as much as 2 hundred pounds. Known for its short and smooth first layer coated by coarse and wiry second layer, its color ranges from fawn, brindle, blue, black and the rare harlequin and mantle. Created with large round eyes, long eyebrows and a chiseled head, the result is further enhanced by the dignity of their gait. If you’re interested in buying them, contact us. We’re a KCI registered Great Dane breeder in Vizag.

Great Dane female puppies for sale in Vizag

Great Dane Temperament

Unlike other large breeds, Great Danes are nicknamed “gentle giants” indeed because they are sociable, lovable and very patient dogs. It is OK to raise Great Danes with children and the dog can relate well with other pets especially when trained on how to do so. They are devoted and will guard their families, thus they can act as good guard dogs though they don’t cause harm. So you can buy them by searching “Great Dane dog breeder near me” without worrying about their temperament.

Great Dane Training Needs

Socialization and obedience are extremely important with this breed as they are big dogs who need to be trained well. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Early Socialization: Socialize and expose your Great Dane to various individuals, places and other pets from an early age to foster adulthood dogs.
  • Basic Obedience: The fundamental things that need to be trained include sitting, staying, and coming mainly because they tend to help in commanding the dog.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Some of the strategies used to reward good behavior include using healthy incentives such as biscuits, yummy and lastly using words of encouragement.
  • Consistency: If you make training sessions frequent, then your intentions in the desired behaviors are impressed and your relationship with the dog is built.
  • Professional Help: That is why it would be helpful to attend a puppy training class or turn to a specialist if necessary. You can contact Great Dane puppies for sale in Vizag for trainers in your city.
Great Dane pet shop in Vizag
Great Dane puppies for sale in Vizag

Great Dane Good Habits

  • Affectionate Nature: They are very friendly, and always show a lot of love towards their family.
  • Gentle with Children: Children like them because of their patience and their gentle attitude towards the kids, so make friends with them.
  • Low Maintenance Coat: They possess short hair which is not complicated to groom and they are also non-droit mats.
  • Protective Instincts: As per KCI registered Great Dane breeder in Vizag, they are in some sense protectors by their very breed, giving their masters a sense of safety and security.
  • Calm Demeanor: It is inside a house for instance that they are harmless due to their small size.

Why Do People Love Great Danes?

The love affair of the dog connoisseur with Great Danes is simple.

  • Size That Wows: Their incredible size simply demands attention.
  • Gentle Nature: Although solid as well as every, these pet dogs tend to be soft in addition to genuine.
  • Great Friends: Great Danes are sweet, gentle, and friendly dogs who bond closely with their family members, and are very loyal. Contact us- Great Dane dog for sale online in Vizag.
  • Good with Children: Children can be taught how to handle them properly and these dogs love being around them.
  • Beautiful Watchdogs: They are also one of the greatest watch dogs as they are born with a protective nature.
  • Less Grooming Needs: Instead of the hassles in grooming most James will have minimal grooming needs.

Which is Better? Great Dane Dog for Sale Online in Vizag or Offline Purchase

In every case of making the purchase of a Great Dane, it is seen that online methods that are available on the internet are far better than offline ones when, of course, one decides to buy from a reliable company that deals in Great Danes such as Doggywala that also has physical Pet shop for Great Dane in Vizag. Here’s why online purchasing is superior

  • Convenience: It is convenient and takes time and energy when you do not move from the comfort of your home, to find different breeders and puppies.
  • Wide Selection: Availability of Great Danes on the internet offers broader ranges of options; from the color variation, ages and various bloodline stocks.
  • Detailed Information: There are web platforms that accompany all the puppies and their descriptions, photos, and even videos so that people would be aware of the condition of these animals.
  • Customer Reviews: Using online reviews and ratings at Great Dane puppies for sale in Vizag you can gain knowledge as to what others are saying about the same product you intend to buy through personal experience.
  • Transparency: Reputed breeders also offer health records, pedigree information, and guarantee to ensure that they have informed and reputable online sellers like Doggywala.
  • Support and Guidance: You will find outstanding client care with services like us and we even help in post- purchase care, making the change for a new pet easy for you.
  • Safety: Sellers protect their buyers against such cons and there are several measures employed on online selling platforms to ensure only verified sellers are allowed to list their puppies.
Great Dane dog kennel in Vizag

Overall Cost of Owning a Great Dane in Vizag

The first is the Initial Purchase Great Dane price in Vizag which falls between INR 25,000 to INR 75,000 based on pedigree and breeder reputation.

  • Food: A premium quality dog food may be around INR 3,000 to INR 5,000 per month.
  • Veterinary Care: Regular checkups, vaccinations and possible health issues can cost up to INR 10,000-INR 20,000 in a year.
  • Grooming: Basic grooming tools plus occasional professional grooming can cost around INR 5,000 per annum.
  • Training: Hiring professional classes for your dog or trainer may need you between INR 5,000-15,000.
  • Accessories: Sleeping place items like toys and beddings plus training equipment are part of initial setup costs.

All in all owning a Great Dane will require you to spend between the first year amount of about INR 50, 000-INR, 1 Lakh with yearly costs approximating INR 30,000-INR 50,000 thereafter.

Great Dane price in Vizag

Why Visit a Dog Kennel for Great Dane in Vizag Before Purchasing a Puppy?

Visiting a dog kennel before making a purchase is crucial for several reasons.

  • Health Assurance: Choosing the right breeder also gives the wonderful opportunity to visit the dogs’ building where the pups and their parents live.
  • Behavioral Insight: Selecting puppies–behavior, habitat, occupying the space, their willingness to play, following command or going away it is valuable to understand their familiar environment.
  • Breeder Reputation: When you have an opportunity to meet the Great Dane dog breeder in Vizag, you can get a rough idea of what kind of breeder you are dealing with in terms of their knowledge, passion and other traits as well as their attitude to the ethical implications of what they are doing.
  • Avoiding Scams: Given the rising cases of internet cons, physically seeing the puppies lets you avoid literate cons.
  • Personal Connection: It is always advisable to build a rapport with breeders, this will benefit you in future in case of advice on the animal.

Why Buy Puppies from Doggywala?

  • Reputable Breeders: That is why choosing us , you can be sure that your puppy comes from the guaranteed and ethical market selection
  • Health Guarantees: We have documented records of all the health status of the animals and offer warranties for the puppies which are to be sold to you.
  • Expert Advice: It is very important to have some help and advice regarding the proper care, management, and feeding of a Great Dane, to help ensure a well rounded happy pet.
  • Wide Selection: We- Pet shop for Great Dane in Vizag bring various puppies that are new to you whereby you are able to check to get the right one to take home.
  • Transparency: One thing that sets us apart from other types of transactions involving puppies is our complete disclosure of information about the particular puppy.
  • Customer Support: A sensitive and friendly staff ensures that you can cope with the possible problems related to a new pet.
  • Convenience: This way you can select your new family member on their our and the choice can be made to visit Dog Kennel for Great Dane in Vizag in case this is desired.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the Great Dane puppies in Vizag you love to pet. Connect - 9168554651

Great Dane Puppies for Sale in Vizag at Best Price

Great Danes are splendid dogs who give happiness, security, and company to their owners' families . The investment needed in terms of money, time, and space is significant but the rewards are quite satisfactory.

If you select Doggywala, for example, you will be better off in the matter of a healthy and well-bred puppy. And you will also get all the support that you may need to bring up a happy and healthy Great Dane. Whether you are into online shopping for its convenience or you are the type who likes to physically visit an offline store for its assurance, we give the best of both worlds. With proper training and care your Great Dane will be a faithful and affectionate companion in your family during all years of his life. Contact us and get best Great Dane dog price in Vizag.

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