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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Vizag

German Shepherd puppies for sale in Vizag

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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Vizag At Doggywala

The German Shepherd is one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs that has attracted so much love from dog lovers across the globe and the same can be said of Vizag. Because of these qualities such as good looks, obedience, and ability to blend well with the environment of the city, these dogs are among the most cherished and pampered in the city.

When many begin the process of buying this breed, they majorly think about German Shepherd prices in Vizag. Yes, price is important but prioritizing only price is not good for the puppies and their parents. Here at Doggywala, we always try to offer healthy, and quality puppy bred through an ethical process at the best possible price. Here, we’ll discuss all you need to know before buying this breed.

German Shepherd price in Vizag

German Shepherd Dog for Sale Online in Vizag

In the recent past the demand for German Shepherds has gone up considerably in India and specially Vizag has emerged as the hub for its breeders and lovers. Whether you are getting from professional breeders or from online markets, the search for the perfect German Shepherd puppies for sale in Vizag has never been easy.

But it is always better to be safe and look for research and ensure you get your pet from a legal breeder of the animal.

German Shepherd dog for sale in Vizag

German Shepherd Price In Vizag

The German Shepherd dog price in Vizag depends on some factors; these include pedigree, breeder, and age. The cost of a purebred, well bred German Shepherd puppy ranges between ₹25,000 to ₹50,000. However, one should note that the price mentioned above is not the complete cost of bringing up a German Shepherd as there are many other costs that still come with it like feeding, medical expenses, grooming, etc.

History and Origin of German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was developed in Germany in late 1800 and was bred to be a working dog that could also work as a herder of the sheep. These dogs were intelligent, strong and obedient, and thus they were used for various uses like police, military and pet dogs. Today the breed is popular all over the world and is much valued for the number of valuable qualities inherent in it as stated by KCI registered German Shepherd breeder in Vizag.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the German Shepherd puppies in Vizag you love to pet. Connect - 9168554651

German Shepherd Traits

German Shepherds are intelligent and strong dogs that are recognized for their unique look and abilities. The male has a muscular build, pointed ears and a thick double coat and thus the females are strong and elegant animals. Their coat color varies from tan black to black and white and it is less commonly white and blue.

As per German Shepherd dog breeders in Vizag, another quality that makes this breed good family dogs is that they are very protective and loyal to their families. They get attached to their owners and are very sensitive to their commands and as such they have the urge to please and assist them.

They also have the versatility and adaptability of a true working breed, they are often used for herding, guarding, as police or military dogs, and for search and rescue. They are useful in different activities, from obedience shows and agility to searches and rescues, and as therapy dogs. They are able to endure these tasks due to their physical strength and endurance, and also their ability to be trained and molded for these various functions.

German Shepherd female puppies for sale in Vizag

German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherds are very loyal and protective with their families and are also very close with their owners. If they are raised together they are friendly and caring and especially with the young ones. They are intelligent and love to work for their parents making them easy to train and they will obey commands given to them.

In their interaction with people, these dogs are friendly to those they recognize, but can be unfriendly or even antisocial towards strangers. They have a natural instinct for hunting and can chase smaller animals if not adequately trained. They are brave and protective and they can easily be employed in any working capacity including police, military, search and rescue.

Socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation at Dog Kennel for German Shepherd in Vizag allow the true German Shepherd temperament to emerge, which is characterized by loyalty, confidence, and flexibility, making these dogs suitable for various tasks and household conditions.

How to Identify Pure Breed German Shepherds?

It is not simple to get a genuine German Shepherd and this can only be done after observing the dog and having a proper knowledge of the standard of the breed.

Physical Appearance

A long and curved muscular structure rising from the top line and broad and deep in the chest and strong thighs. The skull should be narrow and elongated with a progressive reduction in width from the forehead to the muzzle, and the ears should be erect.


As per experts at Pet shop for German Shepherds in Vizag, they have an undercoat that is dense and the hair should be long while the top coat should be moderately long with a straight and wiry touch to the fur. The coat colors which are allowed are black/tan, black/red, only black and sable.


The male German Shepherds can grow up to be 24-26 inches at the shoulder level while the female should be around 22-24 inches. They may not be over sized meaning they should not be obese but rather they should be well proportioned based on the age, height and sex.


Other features that can be attributed to these German Shepherds include intelligence, loyalty, and courage. They are moderately assertive, as well as moderate in attentiveness, and willing to both teach and be taught but not overly aggressive or submissively passive.


A true German Shepherd must be purchased from a well-established, and KCI registered German Shepherd breeder in Vizag that can provide pedigree papers.

German Shepherd pet shop in Vizag

We assure that, you will get best deal for the German Shepherd puppies in Vizag you love to pet. Connect - 9168554651

German Shepherd puppies for sale in Vizag

How to Prepare Your Home for Brining a German Shepherd Puppy?

Once you have finalized the breeder by searching “German Shepherd dog breeder near me”, begin to set up a puppy zone that has a proper crate, bedding material, and toys that the puppy can chew. Make sure electrical cords, toxic plants, and small objects that the child can grasp and put in their mouth are kept safely away.

Simplify potty training by setting a schedule in which your puppy goes to a designated area in your yard or balcony to eliminate. Find out the areas that are close to your home where you can take your dog for a daily walk or where your dog can interact with other people and pets.

If you are in Vizag, you might want to take your German Shepherd puppy through obedience classes or get advice from professional trainers. Puppyhood is essential for this breed and training is important to ensure the dog has the right temperament.

Lastly, conduct a search on the internet for the best veterinary doctors in Vizag who are specialized in handling big breed dogs such as the German Shepherds. The first veterinary visit should involve a health assessment and conversation about vaccinations, grooming, and any breed-specific issues.

If you properly prepare your home environment and consult with the local resources, it will be easy for you to provide the necessary stimuli for the comfort of your new German Shepherd puppy in Vizag. If you’re looking for this breed, and other close to 20 popular dog breeds, contact Doggywala- KCI registered German Shepherd breeder in Vizag.

We assure that, you will get best deal for the German Shepherd puppies in Vizag you love to pet. Connect - 9168554651

How to Care for German Shepherds in Vizag?

The importance of focusing on the needs of German Shepherds in Vizag is also worth considering. Ensure they receive balanced meals with high quality that should fit their size and activity level. Their thick double coat requires daily brushing as part of their grooming regimen.

Sufficient exercise is necessary; try to devote as much time as possible for walks, games, or training, at least one hour per day. Make a safe place for them to play and exercise in the compound or yard. As per German Shepherd dog for sale online in Vizag, it is important to socialize them early and train them to obey commands to ensure they do not become overly protective. Be aware of the parasites and adhere to your veterinarian’s advice for immunizations and other protective measures suitable for Vizag.

German Shepherd price in Vizag


Whether you're seeking a loyal companion, a highly trained working dog, or simply captivated by their majestic presence, this breed offers a unique and rewarding experience.

By understanding their history, traits, and care requirements, you can embark on a journey filled with joy, loyalty, and unconditional love alongside your furry friend. Embrace the opportunity to welcome a German Shepherd from a Pet shop for German Shepherds in Vizag into your life and become part of the vibrant community that celebrates these remarkable canines in Vizag.


What sort of living climate is best for a German Shepherd in Vizag?

A perfect, open to living space with delicate sheet material in a calm region is great. Especially in hot weather, make sure the environment is cool and well-ventilated.

How significant is socialization for a German Shepherd?

Socialization is vital for German Shepherd. Open them to different conditions, individuals, and different creatures from early on to guarantee they grow up to be balanced and amicable.

Are there particular immunizations my German Shepherd needs in Vizag?

Normal immunizations are important to shield your German Shepherd from normal canine illnesses. Ensure that your German Shepherd receives all necessary vaccinations and regular health examinations by consulting a local veterinarian.

How can I identify if my German Shepherd has a health issue?

Your German Shepherd gives indications of medical issues, like limping, unnecessary thirst, retching, or surprising way of behaving, counsel a veterinarian right away. Early analysis and treatment can forestall serious intricacies. By keeping these rules and keeping up with ordinary vet visits, you can guarantee your German Shepherd stays solid and cheerful in Vizag. For more customized counsel, talk with nearby veterinarians or experts at KCI registered German Shepherd breeder in Vizag.

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