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Pomeranian Puppy - Price In Pune

If you are looking for a cute fluff ball for a pet, you are definitely looking for a Pomeranian puppy in Pune!

Pomeranians have been popular pet preferences for years. Their toy-like appearance and playful nature has made them darlings for many! If you are willing to bring this cute furry friend home your search ends at Doggywala.

At Doggywala, we help you connect with the best pet shops, individual sellers and dog breeders having Pomeranian puppies for sale. Once you get in touch with us and find yourself an ideal seller, we become a single point-of-contact between you and them.

We value your hard-earned money and make sure that you get the pets at a highly affordable Pomeranian dog price. The sellers listed with us do not charge extravagant prices for the puppies, burning a hole in your pocket.

Before going ahead with the benefits of our services, let us help you brush up your knowledge regarding Pomeranians.

Breed Name Pomeranian
Origin Germany, Poland
Breed Group Toy Dog
Height 7 – 12 inches (18 – 30 cm)
Weight 1.9 – 3.5 kg
Lifespan 12 – 16 Years
Temperament Playful, Active, Sociable, Intelligent, Kid Friendly 
Apartment Friendly Highly
Price 10, 000 – 12, 000

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Everything You Need To Know About - Pomeranian

Pomeranians are small-sized dogs belonging to the Spitz breed of dogs. They get their name after the Pomerania region situated in north-west Poland and north-east Germany.

Owing to their appearance, Pomeranians are classified as toy dogs. They have a tiny body that weighs no more than seven pounds (for an adult). They can don a variety of colours, such as white, cream, blue, red, orange, brown and black. You might also see a Pomeranian with coloured markings on its body.

The height of Poms generally ranges between 6 to 7 inches. They have an average life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

Pomeranians make excellent pets. They are naturally alert, intelligent and easily trained. This is what makes them excellent watch dogs. Although they are playful dogs, they can do without long outdoor walks. As far as you they are regularly exercised indoors, they are good.

Why Consider Our - Pomeranian Puppies For Sale?

No matter where you are located, we will make sure that you find an ideal seller having Pomeranian puppies for sale. All you need to do is provide us with the relevant details and we will assist you in bringing this toy dog home.

If you are still on the fence about availing our services for buying a Pomeranian puppy, there are several perks associated with the same.

Pomeranians possess unmatched cuteness!

Pomeranians are known across the globe for their cuteness and charm. It is often difficult to distinguish between a soft toy and a real Pomeranian pup!

Their ever-smiling fox-like faces, deep almond-shaped eyes, prickled ears and a thick furry coat make them an absolute delight for the eyes. Their short plumed tail adds to this gorgeous appearance. Once you own a Pomeranian puppy, you will have to start getting used to all the attention you’d get wherever you take your pet along!

pomeranian puppy for sale in pune

Their size makes management easier

Talking about the specifics of managing and grooming your pet, Pomeranians make their maintenance extremely easy. This is essentially due to their size.

As they are small-sized dogs, their energy intake is limited, making you spend lesser on food and water. Also, the size of their litter is smaller than most dogs, it makes cleaning it easier.

Moreover, their compact size makes it easier for you to carry them around in cars, or even flights.

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Pomeranians are easy to train

Pomeranians are pretty smart and brainy dogs with a high motivation for learning. They can be easily trained simple and complicate tricks.

Their smaller size gives you scope for training them in activities like jumping through the ring. Pomeranians are also avid observers and learn a lot from the actions of their owners.

This is especially true for mischievous cases. If you try and outsmart your Pomeranian for a mischief they it has been pulling off, it will quickly learn your tactics and use them against you!

They are happy creatures

Pomeranians have a look about them that tells you that they are always happy. They have an innate happy-go-lucky attitude and are not irritates easily.

They are full of beaming energy and pretty excited when an interesting event is going on around them. They are curious as to what is happening around them and want to be an active participant in everything. It is very hard to get bored when a Pomeranian is around!

Pomeranians love being with families

Along with a joyful nature, Pomeranians are also caring dogs. It doesn’t take them much time to adjust to new surroundings and get attached to their owners.

They love being with their owners and their families. Once a Pomeranian puppy gets comfortable with you, it will stay so for its entire life.

They tend to have a strong attachment to their owner in particular, which implies that there will be no shortage of love and affection once you bring a Pomeranian home.

They will stick around for long!

As mentioned earlier, Pomeranians have a life expectancy that can go up to 15 years. There have also been cases where Poms have lived for 20 years!

This clearly means that your Pomeranian puppy would stay with you for a significantly long period of time for you to build beautiful memories with your furry buddy!

Easy Availability

Pomeranians do not belong to a rare breed of dogs. They are easily available in majority of the pet stores. You will not have difficulty in finding a Pom puppy no matter where you are situated.

The easy availability of Pomeranians also means that you have an access to a large variety of puppies to choose from.

pomeranian dog breeder in pune

Pomeranians are good watch-dogs!

As mentioned earlier, Pomeranians are extremely alert by nature. They make for really good watch-dogs for your house. They are attentive to every little detail and every little sound, barking the moment they sense something wrong.

Although they do not have the build of a protector dog, Pomeranians do their bit by making you alert on sensing even the smallest of dangers.

Important Considerations Before - Buying A Pomeranian Puppies

If you are willing to buy the Pomeranian puppies for sale from the sellers listed with us, simply knowing the perks are not enough.

There are certain factors you should consider before you go ahead with the process of purchasing a Pomeranian puppy in Pune. These considerations help you prepare better for housing and taking care of your new puppy.

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Pomeranians can get very persistent

Pomeranians often act like children who are too determined to get something they want really badly. They tend to be very persistent at times and do not give up easily.

This is essentially because of having a notion that their owners cannot say no to anything they want. This makes them throw various tantrums and force you to give in to their wishes.

Although this is not that serious an issue in moderate situations, such a nature might get irritating if it persists for too long and gets too frequent.

Their “watch-dog” may go a little overboard!

While staying alert all the time and giving you signs of danger have their own benefits, Pomeranians often tend to go a little extra here.

They are always extremely alert, even when they are sleeping! They might start barking at any sound our sight that is alien to them, as they perceive it as a threat.

This might get problematic when you are living in a close-knit neighbourhood. However, you can tone this down by socialising your Pomeranian puppy and train them to be a little more “reasonable” while being alert.

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They are fragile dogs

Along with the benefits that come with the compact size and stature of Pomeranians, it also comes with the need to beware of harming them.

You need to be extremely careful while handling Pom puppies and carrying them. Their size and build makes them considerably fragile. Just like your pet, you always need to stay alert!

This is a common consideration for dogs belonging to the toy group. You need to be careful not to drop them while carrying, not to sit on them and to ensure that children do not harm them in any manner.

Their coat needs extra care

The beautiful furry coat of Pomeranians comes with a little price. It needs to be extensively taken care of.

For proper grooming, you need to brush the coat on a daily basis and bathe your dog frequently. On the recommendation of a breeder or a vet, the coat might also need some trimming after specific time periods.

Owing to the bright colour of their coat and their playful nature, your Pomeranian puppy might get their coats soiled easily. You always need to keep a watch on their activities and get them washed immediately if they spoil their coat.

Now that you are well aware about the breed of Pomeranians, the perks associate with them and the factors to consider before buying them, you can approach us to help you purchase your furry companion.

Let us know the specifications and leave the rest on us. We ensure that you will take the most adorable Pomeranian puppy home!

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