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About English Cocker Spaniel - Price In Pune

If you are looking forward of bringing a cute Cocker Spaniel home, Doggywala has an extensive list of sellers that are offering English Cocker Spaniel for Sale in Pune.

We have pet shops, dog breeders and individual sellers listed on our website. You can browse this list, choose the seller and the puppy you are willing to purchase and we will handle the rest.

Doggywala acts as a one-point contact between you and the seller, making sure you buy the healthiest puppies at the best English Cocker Spaniel price. Once you provide us with the necessary details, we would negotiate with the seller to get you the best deal for bringing the most adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy home!

Breed Name English Cocker Spaniel
Origin England
Breed Group Sporting Group
Height Male: 15 - 17 inches (38 - 43 cm) Female: 14 - 16 inches (36 - 41 cm)
Weight Male: 13 - 16 kg Female: 12 - 15 kg
Lifespan 12 - 15 Years
Temperament Kid Friendly, Affectionate, Intelligent, Easy to Train
Apartment Friendly Highly
Price 15, 000 - 1,00,000

Everything You Need To Know About English Cocker Spaniel Puppies

English Cocker Spaniel is a medium-sized dog that belongs to the breed of gun dogs. It is known for producing highly varied puppies in the litter on giving birth.

Cocker Spaniels have a dignified an alert expression on their face, which is covered on both sides by large and close-lying ears. Their ears are the most distinguished feature of this breed. Their heads are softly contoured with deep dark eyes.

Why Consider Our English Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale?

Buying English Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale from us and having them as your much-beloved pets comes with its own set of perks.

Highly adaptive breed

One of the biggest benefits of having an English Cocker Spaniel as a pet is the fact that they easily adapt to their surroundings. They are not the kind of dogs that take time adjusting to a new environment and personalities.

Cocker Spaniels gel well with everyone and adjust well to different surroundings without a changing their core nature.

cocker spaniel puppies for sale in pune
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They are perfect playmates

English Cocker Spaniels love playing. They possess an innocent child-like energy and want to be a part of any game being played around them.

This is essentially because of the breed’s nature to please their owners and stay socially active. They are one of the best dog breeds to bring home if you have children to play with them.

They naturally vibe with kids’ energy and their medium size makes it safe to keep them around kids without having to worry.

They love pleasing their owners!

If you have an English Cocker Spaniel at home, it will live to please you! They cannot see their owners sulk and would deliberately act silly at times to put a smile on their faces.

You can also expect cosy snuggles from your pet when you are relaxing on your couch or bed. As far as you are happy, your English Cocker Spaniel would be happy!

They are easily trainable

It is not too difficult to train a Cocker Spaniel. They are highly intelligent and have a good grasping power.

Whether it is obedience training or reinforcement training to change their behaviour, it is advisable to start training the puppies as soon as you bring them home and while they are young. Just like children, training young puppies have better implications.

cocker spaniel breeder in pune

Important Considerations Before Buying English Cocker Spaniels

Apart from the perks you avail by buying an English Cocker Spaniel from the sellers listed with us, it is important to take certain specific factors into consideration before going ahead with the same.

These considerations would help you handle your pets better, beware of specific circumstances and prepare you for getting a Cocker Spaniel puppy.

They might become overly aggressive

Some of the Cocker Spaniels have a tendency to get overly aggressive. This is generally due to the owner’s aggressive behaviour towards them or if they feel threatened by anything or anyone.

You can overcome this challenge by being gentle with your pet and making sure they are safe and protected at all times.

They require heavy grooming

It is difficult to manage the silky coat of Cocker Spaniels. You need to frequently ensure that their hair do not snag or develop knots.

Shedding is also a common issue with this breed and you need to clean up daily to ensure a healthy environment in the house.

Now that you are well-versed with the perks you receive and challenges you face on buying an English Cocker Spaniel puppy, you can start browsing through the list of sellers on available on our website.

No matter where you are located and how specific your requirements are, you can rest assured that we will provide holistic assistance helping you bring your furry friend home.

cocker spaniel price in pune

You cannot miss their daily exercise

English Cocker Spaniels require a specific amount of exercise on a daily basis. The least they require is a 20-minute walk in mornings and evenings. If they are deprived of this exercise for longer, they would start getting irritable.

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