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A Guide to Bringing Home a Poodle
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A Guide to Bringing Home a Poodle

Have you seen the perfectly cut trees of the Mughal gardens? Don’t they look aesthetic? If you want a pet that is equally prim and proper, you should get yourself a cute little Poodle! Poodles are adorable furry friends who love their owners. With impeccable grace and undying loyalty, these pets are great for first-time owners and people with multiple pets.

However, bringing a Poodle home is not as quick as it seems. You should never rush the process and take your time in choosing the right pooch for you and your loved ones. Have a look at a suitable Poodle care guide before and after you get your puppy home. Your journey as a pet parent will be seamless only if you follow the right procedure while purchasing your furry friend.

Every canine lover’s journey is different and the steps you follow differ according to the breed you purchase. However, here is a quick guide to bringing home a Poodle with the most common steps involved:

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Know Poodles Beforehand

Simply being enamored by a Poodle’s looks is not enough when it comes to purchasing a pooch! Ensure that you know the breed well before making any concrete decision. You can simply take to the internet and make a quick Google search on Poodles.

Poodles come in three major varieties – standard, miniature, and toy. Every variety has its own unique characteristics. Know them well before approaching a Poodle breeder in your town. Also, different Poodles have different coat types. Are you looking for a pet with a curly coat or a wavy one? Finalize such aspects beforehand.

Look For A Suitable Poodle Breeder

Once you obtain enough information about the breed, start looking for the right Poodle breeder in your town. For instance, if you live in Pune, search for healthy Poodle puppies for sale in Pune and the breeders selling them. Whether you look for breeders online or make an online search, ensure that you work with reputed breeders.

Always give preference to ethical and responsible breeders in your town. Such Poodle breeders know the breed well and give you healthy puppies. Scan through all the options available to you and finalize the best one.

Approach The Breeder And Ask The Right Questions

After finalizing a Poodle breeder, approach them to get the right deal. Ask relevant questions to these professionals. How much do Poodle puppies cost? Do they have the coat color and coat type you are looking for? What breeding practices do they employ on their breeding farms? How long have they been breeding Poodles for? Ask the right questions to know the concerned breeder better. Establishing a healthy relationship with a Poodle breeder will make your journey more fulfilling.

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Visit The Breeder (If Possible)

If the breeder and their breeding farm is in your city, it is advisable to visit them before you purchase a Poodle. Many breeders make their clients meet the puppies and their parents. Spending time with your Poodle puppy’s parents helps you understand how your little one will look and behave after getting older.

When you visit the breeder, you should also ask them to show you multiple options. It is always better to have multiple options at your disposal. If you visit a breeding farm, see how the dogs and the puppies are treated by the staff there. Ensure that the farm where your Poodle puppy is kept is safe and clean.

Look For Health Screenings And Documentation

Responsible Poodle breeders conduct health checks on their farms to ensure that the puppies they sell are healthy. When you visit a breeder, ensure that they conduct such screenings, ensuring that the puppy you purchase is free from heritable and other conditions.

Also, ask the concerned breeder for certifications and health clearances that confirm their claims. Depending on the age of the puppy you want to purchase, you can ask for genetic testing results, vet records, and/or vaccination records.

Review The Contract

If you are satisfied with the breeder, their breeding farm, and the documentation involved, you can go ahead with charting out a contract. Go through all the terms and clauses of the contract to be double sure about your purchase. This ensures transparency between the two parties and prevents any issues from arising in the future.

While you review the contract, ask the Poodle breeder if they provide any guarantees. Many breeders offer health guarantees and spaying/neutering agreements. If this is the case, ensure that these terms are mentioned in the contract you sign.

Close The Deal And Start The Preparations

If you and the concerned Poodle breeder agree to the contract terms, you can make the payment, close the deal, and start making preparations to welcome your little companion. It is advisable to buy suitable pet products for your Poodle puppy before you bring it home. These products include leashes, harnesses, breed-specific food, treats, beds, feeding bowls, and more. Many Poodle breeders have their own pet product stores and give exclusive discounts to their clients.

Receive Feeding, Grooming, And Training Tips

Especially if you are a first-time pet parent, you should ask your Poodle breeders for tips regarding your pet’s feeding, grooming, training, healthcare, and other relevant needs. Even if this means bringing your pet home a little late, it is advisable to wait it out until you are prepared.

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Become A Responsible Poodle Parent

And that is it! Once you have all the information, tips, and tricks you need, your journey of purchasing a Poodle comes to an end. Now, your journey as a pet parent begins. Give all the love, care, and attention your Poodle needs throughout its life!

The Final Word

This was a quick guide to bringing home a Poodle and becoming a pet parent. As your companion’s journey with you begins, it is your responsibility to take good care of your furry friend. Give unconditional love to a Poodle and it will return the same without any hesitation!

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